UK - Retired Church of England bishop arrested, SNAP responds

We are grateful to police for arresting Bishop Peter Ball. Simply because he is elderly and has retired does not mean that he is safe around children. In fact, his age and “grandfatherly” image may actually make him more dangerous.

Especially in cases of abuse involving prominent men like Bishop Ball, it is rare for victims to come forward while these men are still in positions of respect. We hope that with his arrest today, those who may have seen or suspected crimes by Bishop Ball will come forward and make a report to police. Only by breaking this silence will kids truly be kept safe.

Officials within the Church of England should immediately use all of their resources to try to find others who may have been hurt by Bishop Ball or the other unnamed priest who was detained. Church leaders should make announcements in bulletins, at the pulpit, and personally to churchgoers at each parish where either of these men worked.

If the Church of England really wants to fully cooperate with the police investigation, they will take these steps today.

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