TX - Victims applaud move to seize cult's TX ranch

We applaud Texas authorities who are moving to seize the FLDS ranch where children were abused and may still be being abused. Some may consider this move excessive. We consider it prudent.

Keep in mind that one in four girls and one in eight boys are molested. That’s a staggering amount of crime that has severe, crippling, life-long impact on hundreds of thousands of innocent kids.

Given how hurtful such abuse is, and how often predators go undetected, something must change. The notion that we should continue isolated prosecutions of individual child molesters - while ignoring those who saw, suspected, or even enabled the crimes – is just wrong.

This move will also deter future criminal behavior, especially in institutional settings where religious officials commit or condone horrific crimes against youngsters.

Even small disruptions in the lives of those who commit or conceal child sex crimes – like making them move elsewhere – can help protect kids.

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