TX - Mother of Langworthy victim speaks out

As a mother of a child that was molested by John Langworthy when he was at Prestonwood in the late 80's, I want people to know the truth,  The hurt our family endured during this time is indescribable  First of all, we were not contacted by Prestonwood when our son went to the youth minister, Neal Jeffrey to tell him what he had been going through for months at the hands of John Langworthy.

The phone rang and it was the counselor's office calling to confirm my son's appointment. I called Neal immediately to find out what was going on. The next thing I remember is seeing my son sitting on the curb outside our front door waiting for Neal and a youth volunteer to arrive. Our son could not bring himself to come into our home to tell us what John had done to him. We felt Neal was there to look after the church's interest.

Prestonwood only tried to protect themselves. The church never reported John to the police, and he left Texas within a week for Mississippi. My husband and I found out that Langworthy was working at a elementary school in Mississippi. We made a call to a school official to tell them about John's molestation of young boys. We knew we had to notify the school. No more children needed to be John's victims.

We ask that Prestonwood take responsibility for their coverup, and to say they are sorry.

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  • Mary Ellen Kruger
    commented 2013-01-28 09:50:34 -0600
    A very brave mother, who not only cares very deeply about her own children, but those of others. Thank your so much for coming forward. Children are safer when we speak out.

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