TX- Baptists adopt abuse resolution, SNAP responds

The Southern Baptist Convection has passed a resolution urging people to report child sex crimes to law enforcement. Big deal.

This is a virtually worthless 'feel good' public relations move that basically protects no one. Brave action, not vague resolutions, stops crimes against kids.


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  • Doug Strabala
    commented 2013-06-13 22:50:54 -0500
    God spelled backwards is D-O-G. If you study spritual transference and Native American philosophy one spirit travels and lives as another lifeform after death. Once dogs were killed for trying to eat humans the spirit of the dog possessed the human making the manorisms of the human have an alpha leader. GODS=DOGS But I hope they are and do help stop Catholic blame and abuse. I do not worship alpha leaders or Gods but if people can use those Gods efficiently without causing problems perhaps there is an end to Cahtolics misude of people, Gods, and the public’s mind via manipulation.

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