SNAP Midwest Honors One Of Our Own!

On the occasion of her retirement from the SNAP Board of Directors

Tribute to Janet Patterson

February 17, 2007 - Midwest SNAP Conference

Chicago, Illinois

Janet Patterson - how can we describe her to you? Friend, mentor, advocate, supporter, sympathetic listener, research expert - the list just keeps going on and on. Janet and Horace's son Eric was abused by a priest and took his own life. They chose to take this very personal tragedy and turn it into something positive; they took their pain and have used it to protect the innocent and the vulnerable. We are so grateful!

Janet has answered too many survivor calls to count; she has spent hours listening, encouraging and supporting survivors across the country. She has been a source of inspiration to families everywhere.

She could have chosen to keep this tragedy private and we would have understood and supported this decision. But she (Horace too, the power behind the woman) chose to use her experience as a way to explain just how deeply abuse by clergy wounds the victim. She has shared her experiences with others to educate and protect the innocent.

Janet has laughed with us and cried with us, she has stood in the heat and freezing cold to do press conferences, she has spoken in legislatures in many states, she has done interviews with the media – she has given her all.

Now for the good news, while Janet might be retiring from the board she is not retiring from SNAP and that is what we are most grateful for - her continued presence in SNAP.

Thank you Janet, for all you have done and all that you continue to do for SNAP and survivors everywhere.

Thank you for your dedication and allegiance.

Andy Carr

You will always be our guiding light!

Donald, Judi, Brian, Kate and Kay

I am proud to be your friend. I admire your patience, your empathy and your generosity. Thanks too for all the OCDs.

Barbara Dorris

Janet, God bless you! Thank you for all your work.

Thomas Whitcomb

Thank you for all your work and support.

From NJ to KS: Good health, good heart, good work.

Bob H.

Janet, thank you for being my hero!

Brian Miller

Thank you for being so incredible!


Janet, keep on keeping on. You are inspiring all of us to do the same.

Love, Mary Lu - Geneva

With the deepest respect, admiration and regard for your love and devotion to your son and the truth.

Kris Ward – VOTF Dayton

Love you. Thank you for being such comfort and support.


Thanks for helping!

Jerry Hutchinson

Thank you! You are amazing. I enjoyed working with you.


Janet, after our first meeting here in Chicago over 3 years ago, it seems unthinkable that you wouldn't be a part of the leadership forever!

Best, Steve Spaner

Janet, bless your work! And bless Horace!

Mike Coode

Janet, your courage is inspiring!


J, thank you for your amazing courage.



Janet, for all of your efforts, your sleepless nights, your tireless energies. For your son, Eric, who continues to live on in your work. Much love and admiration.

Christy Miller

Janet P., you bless me with your courage, compassion and kindness. Thank you!

Janet C.

Am so grateful to you and for you.

Love, Barbara Blaine

Janet, thank you so much for all that you've done for SNAP! I've watched you on the TV show on the internet. Glad you're taking care of yourself.

Kathy R.

You are an inspiration.

Roxanne – Dayton

Janet, thank you for all you do. You have given me courage and hope.


Dear Janet, the very best to you in all you continue to do.

Mary Ellen Kruger

Thank you for all you do for so many . . .


Janet, words can't express the depth of my respect and gratitude. You are the reason I'm still here.


Janet, all your efforts are greatly appreciated and needed. Thanks.

Bob C.

Thanks for all your wonderful work.


Janet, mother, angel, always.


Janet, we need you.

Love, Judy Jones

Janet, much love to you for all you do.


Thanks so much for all you did and your love.

Steve Theisen

Janet -

Thanks for your years of service and your love and support to hundreds of victims and their families. For me personally I want to thank you for the courage you showed with your testimony in Dallas in the small hidden room of hardened cardinals and archbishops. My heart was broken by your story and the anguish that you felt losing your son to suicide. No matter how depressed I ever got after that, I could never kill myself after hearing your story, after knowing what grief it caused another human being. And watching the cold inhuman faces of those church prelates made me realize that nothing we said or did on an emotional level was going to change the practices of the church.

My thoughts are with you today.

Terrie Light