TN - Priest seeks to have conviction overturned, SNAP responds

A priest convicted of sex crimes in 2011 is seeking to have his conviction overturned. We are unsure of on what grounds Fr. William Casey is using to try to get his conviction on charges of aggravated rape overturned. Whatever it is, we hope that his appeal is tossed out.

Fr. Casey himself admitted that the accusation was credible ( and did not protest when he was forced to retire from the Diocese of Knoxville. The fact that he is now trying to get his conviction tossed out is simply legal maneuvering and attempts to exploit legal technicalities.

Tossing out this conviction would not only cause more pain to the victim who bravely stood up and brought these charges, but would undermine the legal system itself by allowing the guilty to get away. We hope that this conviction will be upheld and this painful chapter will be closed.


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