Three alleged predators go to San Diego

By David Clohessy

It’s 23 degrees in St. Louis, the coldest day of winter so far. At times like this, my mind wanders to the hundreds of proven, admitted and credibly accused predator priests who’ve quietly been sent or moved to warmer clients.


Today, I think of two who are in San Diego and one who was arrested there:


--Fr. Denis Heames of Saginaw now works for San Diego lawyer Richard McEntyre (619-221-0279). He claims, on his Linked In page, that he moved to California for "family" reasons. But Fr. Heames makes no mention of the pending lawsuit against him which says he sexually exploited a 22 year old student who worked under him. Nor does he mention the findings by officials at Central Michigan University that he sexually harassed that brave young woman,

--Fr. Paul E. Hosler of Kansas City Kansas works (as best we can tell) for Catholic Charities of San Diego.

He’s accused of breaking his vow of celibacy and sexually exploiting at least one married adult parishioner back in Kansas. Larry Davis of Lenexa saw his 11 year marriage “wrecked” when his wife was sexually manipulated by Fr. Hosler.

--Joel A. Wright of Vermont and Ohio (Steubenville and Columbus) is now in prison. In January, he was arrested in San Diego. Why? Because he was trying to buy babies and toddlers to abuse them.

He’s back in the news again, thanks to SNAP leaders Judy Jones, Jeff Koenig, Jeanette Westbrook, Warren Tucker and John Pfeiffer and Cal Pfeiffer.

In case you’re curious, here’s where the buck stops with these alleged predators.

The prelate charged with protecting people from Fr. Heames is Saginaw Bishop Joseph Cistone.  

The prelate charged with protecting people from Fr. Hosler is Archbishop Joseph Naumann. 

The prelate charged with protecting people from Wright is Steubenville Bishop Jeffrey Montforton.

It will surprise no one but, as best we can tell, none of these three bishops has taken a single step to protect others from these clerics (like publicly disclose that they’ve moved, alerting neighbors, friends, co-workers or other unsuspecting families).

And the way, two of these cases involve adult sexual misconduct. Many know about child molesting Catholic clerics. But few realize priests abusing vulnerable adult parishioners is as or more widespread but still deeply hidden. It’s always wrong and hurtful for doctors to have sex with patients, therapists to have sex with clients and ministers to have sex with congregants. That’s especially true in Catholicism, where parishioners are taught, from birth, to respect and trust priests as holy celibate men who can forgive sins and get them into heaven.

(In fact, in 17 states, it’s a crime for a cleric to have sex with a congregant.)

Anyway, we should all be careful, regardless of geography or weather, around priests and ex-priests whose movements seem suspicious.

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  • Thomas Murphy
    commented 2017-01-29 23:41:34 -0600
    This may not be directly relevant to this topic but I wanted to post it here so that those abused are aware of it.

    Satanic motivation for harming children:
    One final point about the living devil. One of its favorite satanic tactics is to hurt or traumatize someone that learned something about it that it doesn’t want them to remember about it! Something parents all of the world should be aware of concerning when their children are left alone with teachers or supervisors.

    It is hard to explain any better than that but it is beast psychology! It sees things through the looking glass of your cognition! And it feels that if it can erase the memory in that cognition through the distraction of traumatizing you that the truth or reality of itself is no longer a valid negative! A simple way to remember it might be, it spills milk and immediately blinds the person who saw it spill the milk? Or rather it is how you show a cat a picture of itself in the mirror and it can’t stand to look at it because that image isn’t what it believes itself to be?

    © 2017 Thomas Murphy
  • @ tweeted this page. 2016-12-09 16:06:11 -0600

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