The Elephant in the Room is Back

One big meeting of Catholic officials has ended. Another meeting takes place next month. And at both, a huge “the elephant in the room" was ignored.

Last week in Rome, the new “Council of Cardinals” met with Pope Francis for three days. According to papal spokesman Fr. Frederico Lombardi “the sex abuse issue did not come up during the G-8 meeting.”

Next month, hundreds of US bishops gather in Baltimore. Here’s their agenda:

Again, there will be no mention whatsoever of clergy sex crimes and cover ups.

At least there will a “changing of the guard” at the top of the USCCB next month. Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s term as president expires. In recent years, he has been awful on abuse and cover up in his archdiocese.

We can only hope that US bishops will pick a better leader next month and that Pope Francis puts the protection of the vulnerable and healing of the wounded on the agenda for the next “Council of Cardinals” meeting.

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  • Timothy Egan
    commented 2013-10-28 08:09:54 -0500
    So are we yet convinced that the new pope (Francis) is no better than his predecessors? He talks a good game and appears to be humble, yet if people would only learn to study the eyes of a person, they’d see the real soul within them. The Vatican has been secretly infiltrated by Devil worshipers pretending to do God’s work. It’s as if they believe they can defeat God and overthrow the Day of Judgement. Till people become courageous enough to look into this very real phenomenon, Christ will have to do all the fighting himself, as he’s been doing thus far.

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