The Boston Globe Has Uncovered Some Appalling Statistics About Sex Abuse in Private Schools

By Catie L'Heureux, May 9, 2016, Boston Globe

In a new report, the Boston Globe's Spotlight Team paints a horrifying portrait of the reality of sexual abuse in New England private schools. Thereport itself is an important read, providing a 25-year history of the issue and prompting a breakdown of the most sobering statistics here. It's worth noting that besides these findings, there is currently no database of allegations against private-school employees (and limited research on sex abuse in public schools).

Among 67 New England private schools, over the past 25 years,more than 200 students have accused private-school authorities of sexual abuse or sexual harassment — teachers, administrators, staff members, and (in one case) an admissions officer.

Their claims:   . . . 

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