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There are many ways you can help protect the vulnerable, expose the truth and heal the wounded.

Silence makes evil possible.

There are many ways you can help protect the vulnerable, expose the truth and heal the wounded. Here are some suggestions:

Ways You Can Help: Here are some quick and easy ways you can prevent future abuse, and help already wounded survivors to heal. More...

Contact Your Legislators: Let them know your story and your views. Encourage them to sponsor legislation that protects children and holds perpetrators accountable. More...

Write a Letter to the Editor: This is one of the most widely-read sections of the newspaper. It's a great way to keep an issue in the public eye. More...

Leaflet at Your Local Parish: Reach out to fellow parishioners with a smile and a handout that will give them more information about SNAP and the clergy abuse issue.

Step up to the Microphone: Contact your local SNAP representative for advice on speaking out through the news media or talk radio. If you are a survivor, consider sharing your story with a local gathering of Voice of the Faithful.

Get to Know Your D.A.: These elected officials have the power to decide who gets prosecuted and who does not. Let them know why accountability is so important.

Talking to the Press: In large part because of tenacious reporting by the media, the Catholic Church hierarchy is finally facing intense scrutiny and pressure for the widespread and systemic sexual abuse of children. All this is ultimately due to victims who are willing to speak publicly about their abuse. Here are some points to keep in mind when talking to reporters. More...

What to do when your priest is accused: 21 tips and actions you can take to help victims. 

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