Survivors of Abuse within People of Praise Respond to Bombshell Washington Post Article

Today the Washington Post reported multiple cases of child abuse and coverup that occurred within Supreme Court Justice's Amy Coney Barrett's religious group, the People of Praise.

We are a group of child abuse survivors who grew up in the People of Praise, and allies that support them. We stand by all children who have suffered abuse within the People of Praise. We call on the public and members of the People of Praise to publicly name all who have been credibly accused of abuse or concealing abuse within the organization. We demand the immediate public removal of these individuals from the organization. We urge all witnesses, victims, and whistleblowers to report their cases of abuse to law enforcement immediately. More generally, we urge lawmakers and law enforcement not to give deference to religious organizations and to protect the vulnerable everywhere.

The People of Praise has mishandled cases of abuse for decades, dismissing victims, refusing to report abuse to the police, and in at least some cases, covering up the abuse. They can no longer be trusted to handle cases of abuse themselves, nor should decisions be left to lawyers hand-picked by the People of Praise. Rather, they should be monitored regularly by a third party as agreed upon by their group and our survivor's group, so that children can be kept safe.

--PoP Survivors 
Contact: Cara Wood, PoP Survivors Group Spokeswoman ([email protected]), Zach Hiner, SNAP Executive Director ([email protected], 517-974-9009)

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