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Dear Friends,

I started a blog. In the last ten years of advocacy and activism with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, SNAP,  I corresponded, talked, and met with thousands of survivors and supporters. This advocacy generated a large amount of information, research, analysis. 

As a result, I wrote repeatedly wrote similar responses to common questions hundreds of times. I compiled the essays, guidance, and analyses I had written and made them available as a collection on my blog, Now it is open to all. 

I included a significant amount of survivor support information, resources for survivors, analysis, action steps, and a description of my history of sexual abuse. Follow my steps to achieve justice: pictures, documents, newspapers, and other media responses. 

Information, Resources, and Links for Survivor Support

I want to have a broad spectrum of information accessible in one place. For instance, for those who have been harmed by sexual abuse, I want to ensure that you can find resources to help. See the section on Survivor Support. If you can't find the help you need, contact me, I will make every effort to help.

Leading Organization In Support of Survivors

I have a substantial section on the organization that I work with, the Survivors Network of those Abused by PriestsSNAP. They work to help survivors of sexual abuse, protect children and the vulnerable and advance advocacy work to make a safer community.

Take Action

Commentary alone fails without a plan of Action to improve the conditions where abuse happens. What is the next step? I have included a section of various projects, initiatives, and actions to check out. Fighting back is the best remedy. Engage with others and take action.

My Story

For example, my path to advocacy emerged thirty years after a violent rape and sexual abuse when I was twelve years old. It caused considerable harm, an injury that challenges me daily.

Check out My Story. It includes extensive documentation I sent the Church in 1996 and more documentation when I confronted the Bishop in 2016. Additionally, this section also includes my letter to the Vatican and their non-response and my reply.


There is a substantial section of Resources, links, and connections to dozens of sister organizations and the services they provide. I have included links to two databases of clergy predators from the Catholic community and a database from the Mennonite Community. So, if you like data and statistics, this section delivers.

A New Movement Emerges

I believe we are part of a new survivor movement, similar in stature and power of the great social movements before us, the Civil Rights Movement, Women's Movement, and the like. All the individuals and organizations who are supporting survivors, protecting the children, and the vulnerable, lobbying for stronger laws, are part of a new movement. Our shared objectives strengthen each of our missions and have power working as a movement. A suggested name is the Movement for Dignity and Respect.

I welcome your comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Let me hear from you. 

I welcome comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Check the link out StandupSpeakup.orgShare on Facebook or Twitter.

Best wishes on continued good health, stay safe,

Tim Lennon

[email protected]

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