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2009 Stories for Living Results

Here you can view stories from 2009. For current stories, click here.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all of the SNAP members who participated and submitted stories.

(Please note: the stories are listed chronologically by story number; not in order of priority by number of votes received.)

Here are the 10 stories voted most inspiring by the SNAP Community in 2009:

#5You Stole My Childhood, But Not My Soul
#6A Survivor, Once Removed
#7Angels of Hope
#9A Proud Survivor
#10My Coming of Age
#11Peace and Perfection: NOW
#12Hope, Positivity and that Light at the End of the Tunnel
#13My Candle of Hope
#14A Long Road to Healing
#15And A Child Was Born

Click on the story links and read the Stories for Living submitted to our contest.

Story #1 - The Journey
Story #2 - Finally, After Forty Years
Story #3 - I don’t need to carry the guilt
Story #4 - This Healing Journey
Story #5 - You Stole My Childhood, but Not My Soul
Story #6 - A Survivor, Once Removed
Story #7 - Angels of Hope
Story #8 - Today, My Light is Bright
Story #9 - A Proud Survivor
Story #10 - My Coming of Age
Story #11 - Peace and Perfection: NOW
Story #12 - Hope, Positivity and that Light at the End of the Tunnel
Story #13 - My Candle of Hope
Story #14 - A Long Road to Healing
Story #15 - And a Child Was Born

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