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If you like to sleep at night, it may be wisest that you read no further, but if you can handle the truth, no matter how horrific, read on.

Tragically four of our six children were sexually abused as toddlers by men and women who belonged to a pedophile ring that operated in New York City and on Long Island, New York.

The children were threatened that if they mentioned the abuse to anyone, all the members of their family would be killed, so, of course, the horrific details were suppressed.

Ten years ago our eldest daughter began to suffer episodes of paralysis of speech and movement. She was examined at the Pittsburgh Neurological Hospital. The doctors could find no evidence of a neurological problem, so they concluded that it had to be something psychological and recommended psychological therapy.

After several months of therapy, our daughter began to recall the abuse. The abusers took all the children on our block who were under the age of two. One of the pedophiles was a world-renowned pediatrician who knew that ’s memory is not fully formed until the age of two.

As a result of the abuse our second daughter suffered from border-line personality disorder for the next 33 years of her life. She hid the disorder behind a delightful wit and sense of humor, a wonderful knack for making friends, and outstanding athletic ability. The damage she suffered from the abuse finally took its toll. Two days before she died she told me, “I still don’t know who I am and what I am to do with my life.” What a tragic waste of a beautiful life.

Now for the good part. Two weeks after her death, I awoke in the middle of the night with a beautiful prayer on my lips. I got out of bed, wrote the prayer down, showed it to many of our close friends and family members, but had no idea what more I could do with the prayer.

The following summer I met a Claretian missionary priest who told me that prayer was a gift and that I must “get it out to the world.” Nine years later, it’s happening. Thousands of people around the world are saying,


Holy Mary, Mother of God, I beg you
And your beloved husband, St. Joseph,
Just as you once cradled the Child Jesus
Safely in your loving arms,
Please protect me, God’s precious child
From men and women
Who prey upon my helplessness and trust,
Destroying my faith, my hope, my love,
My very life.

Please join your voice with theirs and ask the Holy Family to protect all God’s precious children.

The world’s abused children thank you for your love and prayers.

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