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2008 Story #4 – Angels in My Path

I am having those dark days right now awaiting my next step and I paused and thought what is good about this journey.

I thought of the angels that have crossed my path during this despair and there is a song out for Christmas which is called “Where are You Christmas?” And I cry every time I hear it because it was lost and now has been found through the angels that have given me wings to believe.

My first and foremost angel is my best friend who walks the journey ever day of her life as my companion, never giving up despite all obstacles, she is my voice when I have none, she is my ears when I cannot hear anymore pain, she is my heart when I need love. I know that I am carried on her wings.

The other angel would be a friend with fourth stage breast cancer who reached out to me long ago by a letter and not knowing that she herself would be so ill, she gave me hope when I needed it and she led me to a very special person in my life who calms the fears, lives past abuse and never gives up the fight for justice.

So, now when I hear that song during this season, I know where my Christmas is and those who have given me life. My angel will always be my best friend and will always walk with me and so with that the gift of Christmas is every day.

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