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2008 Story #1 – Thank God for Special Souls

I have struggled with my healing journey for quite a while, especially with feelings of unworthiness. But a little less than year ago, around the holidays, God gave me a miraculous gift.

It was Christmas Eve. My son was ill, I had no money and was without anyone in my life. It was snowing very hard and deep, but I had to walk the several miles to pick-up my son's medication.

As I walked, a van pulled over and offered me a ride. Normally I would refuse, but I was feeling cold and alone. It was a new pastor to our city with his family. They gave me a ride to the pharmacy, paid for my son's medication and even bought a few gifts for me to be able to give to my son for Christmas.

But most amazing of all was when I was standing completely alone in an aisle, just waiting. I looked up from my thoughts and there stood a woman. I did not see her approach me, nor did I ever see her before. She said to me “I have been in your situation before" and handed me a new $50.00 bill. I looked at the money, then when I looked up to thank her, she was nowhere in sight, not even in the store.

The pastor's family drove me home and my son and I were actually able to celebrate Christmas for the first time since my depression from all that had happened to us from my abuser. I thought back to something another friend (who I never met face to face) had said to me before, while enduring the repercussions from telling what happened to me and coming forward. "You might feel alone, but whose side of the table do you think Jesus would be on, theirs or yours?”

That day answered all my questions and doubts. Even through abuse, there are special souls who can help us along our journeys to recovery. These special souls, who I never saw again, helped me begin to believe in myself and the rightness in the world. I was not forgotten, nor evil. Thank God for Special Souls.

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