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2008 Stories for Living Results

Here you can view stories from 2008. For current stories, click here.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all of the SNAP members who participated and submitted stories.

(Please note: in both categories, the stories are listed chronologically by story number; not in order of priority by number of votes received.)

Here are the 10 stories voted most inspiring by the SNAP Community:

CATEGORY ONE: Stories 1 through 5 – Will receive $100 Cash Awards
#4 Angels in My Path
#8 The Spoiled Priest
#10My Journey of Healing
#18I Am Proud of MY FAMILY
#19Get a Gift - Give a Gift!
CATEGORY TWO: Stories 6 through 10 – Will receive SNAP National Convention Scholarships
#1 Thank God for Special Souls
#6 I Walk in the Light of Truth
#9 What's in Your Bowl?
#11The Resurrection
#16One Good Thing

Our sincerest thanks to the SNAP: Stories for Living Volunteers (Terry and Matt), whose time, energy and commitment made this program possible.

Click on the story links and read the Stories for Living submitted to our contest.

Story #1 - Thank God for Special Souls
Story #2 - I Am Free
Story #3 - A Hero’s Tale
Story #4 - Angels in My Path
Story #5 - Detective:: ME???
Story #6 - I Walk in the Light of Truth
Story #7 - Clarity
Story #8 - The Spoiled Priest
Story #9 - What’s in Your Bowl?
Story #10 - My Journey of Healing
Story #11 - The Resurrection
Story #12 - Christmas 1945
Story #13 - The Healing Joy of Secret Santa
Story #14 - My Story for Living
Story #16 - One Good Thing
Story #17 - YES
Story #18 - I Am Proud of MY FAMILY
Story #19 - Get a Gift – Give a Gift!
Story #20 - Freedom Lies in Speaking Out

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