St. Louis Area Priest and Priory teacher arrested, accused of “peeping”

A Catholic priest who teaches at the St. Louis Priory School has been arrested and charged with stalking and resisting arrest. According to reports, Fr. Michael McCusker was allegedly looking into the windows of a fellow Priory teacher. The cleric was reportedly caught hiding in the bushes outside the home.

Given the nature of the allegations against Fr. McCusker, we believe it is possible that there may be others who were victimized by him. We beg anyone who may have experienced, observed or suspected such behavior to contact law enforcement immediately.

All three parties – the Priory School, the Benedictines who run that school, and the archdiocese that oversee the area – should also assist in the police investigation by using student mailings, parish bulletins, church websites and pulpit announcements to reach out to those who might help shed light on these allegations and urging them to call the authorities directly.

Stalking is a serious and traumatic crime. We are grateful that police responded quickly and effectively to the Richmond Heights woman's call.

CONTACT: David Clohessy, SNAP St. Louis Leader ([email protected],  713-855-9178) Zach Hiner, SNAP Executive Director ([email protected], 517-974-9009)

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