Spotlight Feedback

SNAP encourages everyone to see the Spotlight movie and share their comments on our website.

Spotlight Feedback

SNAP encourages everyone to see the Spotlight movie and share their comments on our website.

SNAP is thrilled to support the Spotlight Movie.

We strongly encourage everyone to see it and to talk about it with their family, friends, loved ones, and communities. While it has been an emotional experience for many, overwhelmingly we hear from survivors who feel empowered and motivated to advocate for others. We have been receiving so much feedback we wanted to create a place to share it with the SNAP community. 

How do you feel about the film? Were you surprised by anything in the film? From your perspective, did it resonate with your experience? Would you go see it again and who would you take with you? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Francis McMaster
    commented 2016-09-30 18:45:54 -0500
    The real question is; when will the people of the catholic church stand up and say that this horror perpetrated by their clergy, and the denial of victims rights must be stopped. I have never heard any practicing catholic demand that their contributions be spent to help the survivors of these heinous crimes. The answer is sadly, never; because the church members have no voice, they are told how to think, what to say, and if they say anything against the hierarchy, they will burn in hell. If they don’t speak up, they are just as guilty as the perpetrators!
  • Lucy Bower
    commented 2016-09-30 17:59:06 -0500
    There is so much you can not talk in between, the film is a good start, really this can not happen.

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  • John Merryman
    commented 2016-09-23 15:47:19 -0500
    I am a victim of clergy abuse by two Catholic priests. Joseph Birmingham in the Archdiocese of Boston and John R. Klekotka of the Diocese of Springfield (Mass). These events occurred in the early 1960’s, when I was a teenager. I have seen the film, “Spotlight” twice now and I am thoroughly impressed with the production. I feel that the straight forward presentation of the investigation is an achievement not found in many films of this kind. This work of film making is so valuable to abuse victims because of the non-sensational approach to telling the story. I would advise abuse victims to see this movie. It will render a foundation for your journey to recovery
  • Barbara Briemer
    commented 2016-08-24 10:10:47 -0500
    Anyone looking into these crimes of sexual abuse should also be aware of the Franklin scandal (details available on internet and YouTube) where 80 young people tried to volunteer information — and three certainly succeeded. See: Paul Bonacci/YouTube, Troy Boner/YouTube, Alicia Owens/YouTube) where their abuse involved the CIA’s MKULTRA program Monarch. These youngsters were used by the CIA for drug running, homosexual prostitution, and political espionage where members of Congress were blackmailed. The Franklin case actually involved Midnight Tours of the White House during the Reagan/Bush administration. The Franklin case should be of interest to survivors of abuse by Catholic priests — and in fact to any member of the Catholic Church — as it involved transporting young boys from Boystown in Nebraska — run by the Catholic Church. Also see Cathy O’Brien/YouTube. Her case also involves CIA/MKULTRA/Monarch. Cathy was sexually abused at a very young age which she connects to her local Catholic Church and also to the CIA/MKULTRA/Monarch program. She names many prominent male political figures. It is my very strong feeling that anyone who has ever been a member of the Catholic Church has the responsibility to make themselves aware of the involvement of the Catholic Church in sexual abuse. The Boston Globe did America a great favor in their reports which eventually became “Spotlight.” But there is a long way to go in protecting children in the US and internationally. Indeed, this is international abuse of children.
  • Teresa Lancaster
    commented 2016-07-27 12:11:52 -0500
    Thank you Dottie <3
  • Dottie Klammer
    commented 2016-07-26 11:23:16 -0500
    My heart so goes out to you. Know that you are never alone. Every time I hear something about Spotlight, I’m thankful. There are so many people whose lives continue to be affected by the abuse rendered by the clergy, years and years later. This is not to mention lives lost because of it. Education is so key in making children safe today. The movie is helping with this and because it won an academy award more people have seen it. Back in 1995 you stood in your truth and because you did and others have as well, you are making a difference. The tides are shifting. By your actions we’re closer to changing laws all over the country, so that kids today are safer. I’m glad to know your daughter will see the movie. Best of luck to you
    Sincerely, Dottie Klammer (leader Richmond, VA)
  • Teresa Lancaster
    commented 2016-07-25 20:53:33 -0500
    I’m going to watch Spotlight again with my daughter. This film brought me to tears. I survived being abused at my high school (Keough) by Father A. Joseph Maskell. I filed a lawsuit in 1995 as Jane Roe and lost due to the Statute of Limitations (SOL). I hope to see the SOL extended and the church held accountable for continuing to allow the priests to get away with abusing children with impunity.
  • Thelma G. Wheeler
    commented 2016-07-25 17:09:54 -0500
    There are so many things that we don’t know, so many assumptions that we don’t recognize as such, so many questions that we haven’t even thought to ask. Spotlight cautions us that we almost never know the whole story, if such a thing is even possible. It’s a worthy reminder, and not only for journalists.
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  • Robert Mizic
    commented 2016-07-15 21:30:22 -0500
    As a victim of clergy sex abuse this movie changed my life. If I hadn’t heard Phil Saviano mention SNAP in the movie I would not be advocating nor would I be connected to so many truly wonderful, loving, and caring survivors. I owe my life to Spotlight.
  • Rosemary McHugh
    commented 2016-04-11 19:37:48 -0500
    To Lee Kaplan – Lee, I am a physician from the US and was at a spirituality conference in Johannesburg, South Africa about 2 years ago. When I spoke about the problem of clergy sexual abuse in a small group. Some in the group were willing to speak about seeing sexual abuse in their Catholic school, but they were afraid that they would lose their jobs, if they spoke up about it. I agree that a Spotlight team is needed there. But there also need to be judges, lawyers, politicians, and police who are willing to do the right thing and not allow themselves to be manipulated by the bishops and other clergy.
  • Lee Kaplan
    commented 2016-04-10 15:34:11 -0500
    I really enjoyed Spotlight – have been interested since listening to an interview with Thomas Doyle about the Catholic Church coverups. But… it did leave me wondering why there are no victims in South Africa that have come forward. I can’t believe with all the abuse by the priests in Ireland, Australia, UK and USA and Europe that there was never anything that happened in this country. There has to have been. We need a Spotllight team here.
  • Francis McMaster
    commented 2016-03-24 06:57:14 -0500
    The Law and Order SVU current season, segment #18 aired on 3/23. It’s a two part episode of the complicity of all the various powers that foster abuse in our society. Of course this is a dramatic story with disclaimers, but the content and excellent work is compelling, clearly emphasizing the productivity of tenacious people who don’t take no for an answer when their rights are violated by the institutions that stifle dissent! Spotlight’s momentum must continue!
  • Barbara Briemer
    commented 2016-03-13 17:50:42 -0500
    Thought the film was excellent and hope there will be more stories like it exposing the Church’s
    sexual abuse of children which seems to have begun the at the very beginning of the church,
    according to Italians.
    You’re having a problem with your website moving — you may not get the replies you are looking for.
    Also suggest you remove this blue banner to right side which prevents reading the website.
    Best wishes to all.
  • Francis McMaster
    commented 2016-03-07 22:49:31 -0600
    Dear Cheryl; You made my day! You are the Spotlight, the strength of purpose that shines through your words is inspiring, and a great comfort to supporters. Time is on our side now, everyday is a new revelation of the truth, and the meaning of your journey is character, and heart will always be the test of a true person. Thank You, you’ve won the Best Award!
  • Cheryl Christopher
    commented 2016-03-07 12:58:19 -0600
    Spotlight won Best Picture and when I saw photos on the SNAP website of people celebrating, I cried. I know what the church did to so many and still does. I went through a formal church investigation in 2002 to 2004 and won. Not money, heaven forbid. they wouldn’t do that for me. Burt there was enough evidence that they HAD TO tell the priest, John H. Dericks, that he could no longer present himself as a priest. It took 40 years, but other survivors don’t get the victory I did. The Church dismissed me in 1993 but due to the Boston revolution in 2002, I HAD TO be taken seriously.
  • Francis McMaster
    commented 2016-03-02 23:05:22 -0600
    The Spotlight theme continues on Law And Order SVU today 3/2/16 and part 2 on 3/23/16. Episodes17 & 18 of the current season. Part 1 shows the power structure of courts and law enforcement’s collusion with the catholic church, the 3 week hiatus between episodes is probably due to the basketball March Madness, but the real madness is that a sports championship is more important in America than the welfare of survivors of abuse. The one disturbing aspect of the dramatic depiction of the victims is the treatment as just victims, not strong survivors who refuse to be defined by their perpetrators; but the tide is turning as courageous members stand up to the catholic bully, all that is needed now are the church members to join the fight and say, No More, my donations to the church can’t be used to subjugate abuse survivors.
  • Francis McMaster
    commented 2016-02-29 17:39:15 -0600
    Everyone please watch the 17th episode of Law and Order SVU March 2nd, it looks like a tv version of Spotlight!
  • Spotlight Movie
    @ tweeted this page. 2016-02-12 11:30:28 -0600
    We posted some new comments sent in on our @Spotlightmovie feed back page
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 11:16:33 -0600
    An anonymous member wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “An excellent compelling movie. I thought I would be emotionally skewed by the presentation because my son was abused by a priest ‘friend’, but I remained objective throughout the balanced coverage of this shameful and continuing occurrence.”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 11:07:35 -0600
    Dave Saltmarsh wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “I will see it with my wife. Thank you for fighting.”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 11:06:01 -0600
    Thomas Bratus wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “Every Catholic person, especially ranting clergy, should see this movie. My oldest, dearest friend (of over 50 years) is in total denial over this culture of child rape and abuse. I am a victim/survivor. We no longer speak to each other because of his ignorant hostility towards victims. “Living in denial is the lowest form of cowardice” God Bless you all!"
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 11:00:03 -0600
    Linda Maffiola wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie: “Excellent film seamlessly weaving the Boston Globe’s countless hours of documentary and survivors accounts. Powerful and painful to watch. Thank God for the journalists, the survivors and the actors’ courage and bravery.”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 10:58:46 -0600
    Harriet Fraad wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “Spotlight captures the wish to repress the common knowledge of systemic sexual abuse, mental abuse, and destruction of children within the Catholic Church. Sadly they are hardly the only abusers with unchecked power. However they are standouts!”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 10:56:12 -0600
    Louise Brubaker wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “Wonderful! Was thrilled to see it was voted ‘Best Movie’ of the year. Was not shown long in my area. Wish it had more press. I saw it on a weekday morning, only 14 people in the theatre.”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 10:54:43 -0600
    Gene Albert wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “The Spotlight movie gave me a great release to talk about my abuse. I talked to Dave Clohessy and he said he has seen the movie 4 times.”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 10:52:27 -0600
    Dennis Dillon wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “An important story told very well. More work similar to Spotlight’s should be done by other newspapers in other cities – and it should be publicized as well as this movie did!”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 10:36:29 -0600
    Judith Conley wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “I thought it was very well done.”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 10:35:40 -0600
    Joseph Puleo wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “A great film.”
  • Action Team Leader
    commented 2016-02-12 10:34:41 -0600
    Jane Lyons wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “It was great. I think it should be a required viewing for every priest in the diocese. My son was a victim (now 50yrs old) when he was 13.”
  • Danielle Stefanick
    commented 2016-02-12 10:28:21 -0600
    Hope Asrelsky wrote in to share feedback on the Spotlight movie:

    “Terrific! And Cardinal Law(less)was sent off to a cushy spot in Rome at Sta. Maria Maggiore, one of the most important churches! Thanks to John Paul II, who’s now a saint!!!!!”

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