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SNAP Spotlight Time Capsule: Barbara Blaine

In 2003 the Boston Globe received the Pulitzer prize for Public Service for its series of articles on the sexual abuse scandal in the Boston archdiocese. Besides the gratification of the receiving this award, the Spotlight team received the gratification of knowing that these reports were bringing this evil to the light and hopefully making children safer in the process. In this 2003 Associated Press article SNAP President Barbara Blaine expressed her gratitude for the men and woman that composed this team who while telling stories of the abuse and cover up in the Boston area, were giving a voice to survivors nationwide to come out against their perpetrators.  

What Does The Boston Globe Think Of Spotlight?

The investigation in the movie Spotlight was conducted by the Pulitzer prize winning Spotlight team of the Boston Globe in 2002. The writers who made up this 'Spotlight' team were all directly involved in the making of the movie and all were fairly impressed by the portrayals and writing of the movie. Walter Robinson, the actual lead editor of the Spotlight team during this time, was a speaker at the 2015 SNAP conference and said that people will be moved to "tears and outrage by what was done to (our) children in the name of God". Although sometimes it's not easy to get the subjects of a film potrayal to enjoy a film that details their work or life, the Boston Globe staff of that time seems fairly satisfied with the film. What does the current Globe staff think of the film?

Check out the Boston Globe's review of the film Spotlight below. 

BuzzFeed Names Spotlight One Of The Movies You Will Be Talking About This Awards Season

Everyone who has seen Spotlight to this point seems to be raving about the film, Rolling Stone even called it "the best film about reporting since All The President's Men,". Now the film even seems to be getting some big time national attention as BuzzFeed placed it on the list of one of the movies that you will be talking about this awards season. 

Spotlight Release Dates and Information

The Spotlight film is due for a national release on November 20 this year. But your can also catch some early screenings in the select cities listed below. 

Be sure to go out and support this wonderful film. 

Open letter to survivors about the film Spotlight

In the weeks ahead, a highly acclaimed film called Spotlight will be shown across the US. It mentions SNAP and features an actor who plays New England SNAP founder/leader Phil Saviano and shows that SNAP played a big role in helping journalists investigate and expose clergy sex crimes and cover ups in Boston (eventually exposing 249 predator priests in just one archdiocese and writing some 600 articles on the subject in one year.)   

This movie will re-focus millions of people’s attention on clergy sex abuse and cover ups. It could help bring other victims forward, victims who may still be trapped in silence, shame and self-blame. And it could help prod other journalists to look again or deeper at this continuing crisis.

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