SNAP urges bishops to warn their flock about Fr. Kelly

A predator priest from California has fled back to his home in Ireland. He's been found guilty of molesting one boy, is being investigated in another, and was to take the witness stand today. 

We are calling on every bishop of every diocese in Ireland to use all of the resources available to them and warn their flocks and communities about the cleric, Fr. Michael Kelly.

Just last week, Fr. Kelly was found guilty by a jury in a civil trial to have molested a child while he worked in the diocese of Stockton, CA. Yesterday, he fled the US and returned to his native Ireland. We are not sure where he is currently, but we suspect he has relatives in various dioceses across the country.

It takes only seconds for a predator to shove his hands down a child’s pants or his tongue in a child’s mouth. We urge these church officials to do everything they can to prevent this from happening. Silence is a predator’s best weapon, and we hope these bishops will break theirs in order to protect Irish children.

Kelly claims ill health, yet has shown no signs and given no proof of illness.


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