SNAP to new Penn State coach: "come clean"

We are glad that Penn State is acting prudently in regards to Mike McQueary’s safety. We wish they would have been equally prudent in looking out for the safety of vulnerable children.

It is appropriate that McQueary shouldn’t be coaching tomorrow, but the university should have made this decision before death threats were made against his life. They should have suspended McQueary while an investigation plays out into his possible role in this cover up.

He saw a crime and reported it his superiors. That's better than doing nothing. But he was a 28 year old man in a graduate program. He knew that calling the police was the right thing to do. But he didn't; not in 2002, and to our knowledge, not ever.

He should have called 911 immediately. But he didn’t, and now the child he saw Sandusky raping is known only as “Victim 2” in the grand jury report because no one bothered to find out who he was. McQueary should have called 911 later, when it was clear that the men he told were doing little or nothing to protect kids. But he didn't, and more kids were hurt.

We also call on interim coach Tom Bradley to release a statement to disclose what he knew or suspected and when regarding Sandusky’s crimes. Bradley was also there while this cover up took place, so it is hard to believe that Bradley was completely unaware of the situation. We hope that Bradley comes forward to tell the police and the public exactly what he knew, and when he found out. 

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  • Healingsexualabuse
    commented 2011-11-14 12:19:34 -0600
    Why did Judge release Sandusky on bail?


    something to consider….

    District Justice Judge Leslie Dutchot was a volunteer for Sandusky’s charity, “Second Mile” in 2008 and 2009. She also contributed financially to Second Mile. Is this not clearly a conflict of interest? Just like Joe Paterno, she broke no law but you must question why she did not publicly disclose this fact and remove herself on the ground of conflict of interest. Getting to the truth in Pennsylvania is going to take the public demanding Federal government involvement in assisting current state attorney general, Linda Kelly.

    To get to the source where did the Judge go to grade school and high school? Is the judge Catholic? Where did Sandusky go to grade school and high school? most victimizers have been victimized.. is Sandusky Catholic? Who abused Sandusky? Getting to the source of that implicates the source …. It is possible Sandusky has no Catholic ties, but for this power abuse to take place it sure looks like what SNAP goes against and has to fight outside the Catholic church and in it…. this smells and has the Roman Catholic Church written all over it behind the scenes.. Am i barking up the wrong tree?

    Member of SNAP,

    Healing Sexual Abuse
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