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Allegations Against U.S. Bishops, Since 1993


Kansas City MO

Joseph Hart Boys Resigned
Santa Rosa, CA G. Patrick Zieman Boys Resigned
Palm Beach, FL Anthony O'Connell Boys Resigned
Albany, NY Howard Hubbard Boys Accused/Denies
Palm Beach, FL J. Keith Symons Boys Resigned
Santa Fe, NM Robert Sanchez Female Teens Resigned
Springfield, MA Thomas Dupre Boys Resigned
Wisconsin Rembert Weakland Not reported Resigned
New York James F. McCarthy Adult Woman Resigned
Lexington, KY J. Kendrick Williams Not Reported Resigned
Worcester, MA George E. Rueger Boys Charges Withdrawn
Honolulu, HI Joseph Ferrario Boys Denied
Sioux City, IA Lawrence Soens   Retired
Minneapolis, MN Paul Dudley Boys Cleared of
Springfield, IL Daniel Ryan Boys Not Reported
Spokane, WA William Skylstad Female Teen Civil Suit
Duluth, MN Robert Brom Seminarian Claim Retracted
Baltimore, MD William D. Borders Cover-up Civil Suits

Joseph Hart

Fifth Man Sues Retired Bishop for Sex Abuse
Victims' Group Wants Name Removed from Wing of Children's Home

By Dennis Coday [email protected]
National Catholic Reporter

September 16, 2005

Kansas City, Mo. - A fifth person who claims he was abused as a boy by Joseph Hart, the retired bishop of Cheyenne, Wyo., filed suit against Hart Aug. 24 in Kansas City, Mo., where Hart served as a priest and where the abuse allegedly took place in the 1970s

G. Patrick Zieman

Pedo-Homo Priests and Bishops Form Mahony's Network

New Times L.A. by Ron Russell
June 13, 2002

Anthony O'Connel

Ex-seminarian's charges lead to removal of priest

By Dawn Fallik
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
March 8, 2002

Howard Hubbard

Albany bishop faces abuse allegations: Hubbard denies charges some call questionable; diocese hires investigator

National Catholic Reporter, by Ed Griffin-Nolan
March 19, 2004

A pair of ghosts and a former prostitute have made charges of sexual improprieties against Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard, and in the current climate of sensitivity to clergy sex abuse, this has been enough to keep the 65-year-old bishop in the center of media attention he'd rather avoid.

J. Keith Symons

Palm Beach bishop admits sex abuse.

National Catholic Reporter; Gross, Judy

With the admission of a Florida bishop that he had sexually abused five boys earlier in his career, the persistent clergy sex abuse scandal has broken into the ranks of U.S. bishops, prompting a prominent expert on celibacy to say it is only a matter of time before Catholics demand reform in the clerical system.

A.W. Richard Sipe, author of Sex, Priests and Power: Anatomy of a Crisis, called the June 2 resignation of Bishop J. Keith Symons of Palm Beach, Fla., after an accuser came forward, "another crack in the Vatican wall."

Robert Sanchez

Sanchez asks pope's permission to resign
Archbishop awaits Holy See's response

National Catholic Reporter; Martinez, Demetria
April 2, 1993

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Archbishop Robert Sanchez announced March 19 that he had asked Pope John Paul II for permission to resign as head of the Santa Fe archdiocese's 500,000 Catholics.

Thomas Dupre

Bishop resigns following claims
Springfield prelate had faced abuse allegations

By Kevin Cullen, Globe Staff, 2/12/2004

Rembert Weakland

Archbishop Rembert Weakland resigned on May 25, 2002, after it became known that the Milwaukee Archdiocese in 1998 paid a $450,000 settlement to a man who claimed Weakland tried to assault him in 1979.

James F. McCarthy

Auxiliary Bishop James McCarthy, former secretary to the late Cardinal John O'Connor, resigned on June 11, 2002, after admitting he had affairs with several women, reportedly including a 21-year-old.

J. Kendrick Williams

Bishop J. Kendrick Williams resigned on June 11, 2002, after being accused in lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Louisville of abusing two minors and an 18-year-old decades ago. Williams denied the accusations.

George E. Rueger

Bishop denies abuse allegations; diocese levels countercharge

By Michael Paulson, Boston Globe Staff,
July 13, 2002

An auxiliary bishop in Worcester yesterday denied that he molested a teenager four decades ago, and the Worcester diocese accused the complainant of extortion.

Bishop George E. Rueger, 72, said he did not abuse Sime Braio, 52, despite accusations made by Braio in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Worcester Superior Court.

Joseph Ferrario

Lawrence Soens

Retired bishop named in Iowa sex abuse claims


Catholic News Service (
DAVENPORT, Iowa – The Davenport Diocese received notice May 22 of 14 claims against it for clerical sexual abuse of minors. They included seven more claims against retired Bishop Lawrence D. Soens of Sioux City, Iowa, who was a Davenport priest before he was made a bishop.

Paul Dudley

Florida Woman's Sex-Abuse Suit against Church Dismissed

The Associated Press, carried in Tallahassee Democrat [Sioux Falls SD]
October 27, 2005

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Florida woman who claimed she was molested by a Roman Catholic priest in the 1960s, but the parties disagree whether a settlement they reached in principle was ever finalized.

Daniel Ryan

Sins of the Fathers
The Springfield, IL Diocese Tries to Restore Faith and Trust Following Years of Priestly Misconduct

March 13, 2005

In the past 20 years, three watershed events in the Springfield Roman Catholic Diocese have shaken, and in some cases destroyed, the image of the priest and the faith of Catholics.

The Rev. Alvin Campbell was first. Campbell used his priesthood at St. Maurice Parish in Morrisonville as a tool to seduce boys. He was convicted as a pedophile in the days when using the words "pedophile" and "priest" in the same sentence was unthinkable. In 1985, Campbell pleaded guilty but mentally ill to molestation charges. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

In the 19 years since Campbell's guilty plea, the Springfield diocese has earned a reputation in national Catholic circles as a troubled, volatile place. The list of names of local clergy linked to scandals from homosexual and heterosexual affairs to embezzlement is a long one.

Next came Bishop Daniel Ryan. His early years as bishop were marred by his admitted alcohol abuse for which he received treatment in the summer of 1986. Ryan's final two years before his resignation in 1999 were spent under the cloud of sexual misconduct accusations.

"Although denied by Bishop Ryan, this behavior did occur and caused scandal in the church by leading others to do evil," the report stated. "It resulted in feelings of hurt and anger, as well as thoughts of doubt and mistrust, both in the church as an institution and in its leaders."

William Skylstad

Bishop Accused of Sexual Abuse

March 8, 2006

(AP) A woman has filed a claim that she was sexually abused more than 40 years ago by Bishop William Skylstad, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops and leader of the Spokane Diocese.

Robert Brom

He is one of about a dozen U.S. bishops who have been accused of sexual misconduct in recent years. Catholic leaders in Minnesota, where Bishop Brom once headed the Diocese of Duluth, have paid a settlement to a former seminarian who alleged that he was coerced into sex. A spokeswoman for the bishop recently told The Boston Globe that "minimal insurance" money was paid to the accuser, who agreed to retract his claim. Two archbishops who helped negotiate the deal in the mid-1990s said the man received roughly $100,000. The man alleged that in the 1980s, Bishop Brom and other high-ranking clergymen pressured him and other young men to have sex at a seminary in Winona, Minn.

William D. Borders

Borders Named in Lawsuits Claiming Sex Abuse Coverup

By Orlando Sentinel and Sandy Alexander
Baltimore Sun
September 13, 2005

Retired Baltimore Archbishop William D. Borders was accused in two lawsuits yesterday of covering up charges of sexual abuse against a Catholic priest in his diocese while he was bishop of Orlando, Fla.

The lawsuits against the Diocese of Orlando, filed by two men in Florida's Orange County Circuit Court, allege that the Rev. Vernon F. Uhran sexually abused them at three Orlando-area churches and on a cross-country road trip in the early 1970s.

The unnamed plaintiffs, each seeking $5 million in damages, charge that Borders received reports of the abuse but did not discipline Uhran and concealed the information. The diocese transferred Uhran from parish to parish, "where he continued to have unfettered access to minors and was permitted to have frequent sleepovers in the Rectories," the lawsuits state.

Borders served as archbishop of Orlando from its creation in 1968 until 1974, and was archbishop of Baltimore from 1974 until retiring in 1989.


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