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SNAP Press Statement

Statement Regarding Dominican Hierarchy

October 12, 2006

Statement by Barbara Blaine of SNAP, 312 399 4747

It's tragic any time an adult keeps information secret about a possible child molester. It's even more tragic when adults go to court to try and keep such information secret. It's even worse, however, when those secrecy-obsessed adults are Catholic officials and the predator is a priest who still walks free.

Fr. Cote has been accused of sexually abusing boys twice. He's been suspended by his bosses. He faces a civil child molestation lawsuit. He also faces possible criminal prosecution.

Despite this, Dominican officials are fighting tooth and nail in court to keep hidden the name of a key witness, a person whose information might lead to locking Cote up. This is an outrage.

We applaud Brandon and his family for their courage in coming forward and their concern for other kids. We deplore the Dominican hierarchy for choosing to protect themselves instead of protecting children. We call up on these Catholic officials to do what's right, disclose the witnesses' name, and do everything possible to prod more victims and witnesses to call the police so that innocent lives may be spared horrific harm

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Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests