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Statement Regarding Actions by Bishop Walsh


Statement by Wayne Presley of Foster City CA 650 759 2623
SNAP leader, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

August 14, 2006

When a potential criminal defendant claims he's sorry, that's neither noteworthy nor praiseworthy.

The bishop's carefully crafted public relations statement is just that: a public relations statement. It's an attempt, under the threat of criminal prosecution, to appear contrite and minimize the horror of what he's done.

Bishop Walsh, his defense lawyers, and his public relations staff may utter all kinds of flowery words. None of those words, however, protect vulnerable Latino kids or heal wounded California kids. None of those words erase the tremendous harm he has done.

The bishop and his staff obviously failed to report admitted child sexual abuse. They focused on damage control when they should have focused on safeguarding kids. They immediately 'circled the wagons' when they should have immediately called the police. No PR spin can obscure their deliberate and devastating wrong-doing.

The bishop again tries to minimize his crime, saying he failed to "immediately report" sexual abuse. The truth is, he never reported it. Nor did at least three of his fellow priests. The church lawyer finally reported the abuse, days late, and to the wrong agency.

They may claim no ill intent. But the plain and simple truth is that, regardless of their intent, these men of God violated a clear and crucial California law.

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