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SNAP Press Statement

Statement Regarding Ohio
Statute of Limitations Ruling


May 31, 2006


Dozens of brave, wounded men and women have struggled valiantly to wrestle secrets about child sex abuse and cover ups from a powerful institution through the time-tested US justice system. But we've been denied our chance to expose the truth in court, and as a result, dangerous predators will keep molesting and reckless employers will keep covering up. Ohio's kids are the real losers today.

By the narrowest of margins, the court has put the alleged privacy rights and well-being of predators above the safety and well-being of kids.

Ohio parents owe a debt of gratitude to the courageous victims who have done everything they can to deter future sex crimes and protect future generations - coming forward, speaking up, and taking legal action. Because of the strength and determination of these victims, dozens of dangerous men have been exposed and suspended. Someday, more of them will be defrocked. But children are safer now because these brave individuals broke their silence, took risks, and fought hard. Our hearts ache for them. Despite this blow, we hope they'll somehow be able to realize and remember what they have achieved by their persistent push for justice and prevention.

It's ironic that this decision, which would have exposed deeply-held church molestation secrets, comes down now, during yet another Cincinnati Archdiocese corruption scandal, this one spurred by the hiring of a convict on parole to oversee the Archdiocesan background check program by a personnel director who himself has been accused of sexual abuse. That personnel director resigned just yesterday, and the other employee is now behind bars. But sadly, the public will likely never learn the full truth of this latest scandal, like the horrific, on-going clergy sex abuse scandal either.

The burden to safeguard kids now falls squarely on the legislators. We hope that recent events - the Robinson murder trial in Toledo, the Frasher scandal in Cincinnati, and others - have caused some lawmakers to reconsider their decision earlier this year to cave in to pressure from bishops and gut an effective child protection measure. For the safety of Ohio's families, we hope legislators will now act decisively to protect the vulnerable, instead of the powerful.

It is crucial that other victims - those still struggling in shame, secrecy and self-blame - continue coming forward, getting therapy, reporting crimes, and taking action. It is crucial that their loved ones keep supporting them. And it is crucial that all victims stay on the path of recovery, remain in counseling, keep attending support groups, and remember that healing is possible.


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