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SNAP Press Statement

Statement Regarding Chicago Cardinal George


February 25, 2006

Calling For The Resignation on Cardinal Francis George

Statement By Barbara Blaine, SNAP President

With heavy hearts today we call upon Cardinal Francis George to resign as head of the Archdiocese of Chicago. We do so upon learning this latest information.

Cardinal George has been secretive, deceptive and irresponsible in dealing with allegations that one of his priests was sexually abusing children.

Cardinal George was secretive:
-- 6 years ago when the Archdiocese received allegations from a nun that Fr McCormack had abused a boy,
-- 6 months ago when the Archdiocese received allegations from a mom that Fr. McCormack had abused her son,
-- 5 months ago when Cardinal George received a recommendation from his review board to remove Fr. McCormack.

Cardinal George was deceptive:
" because he claims no one had turned over the information received from the nun,
" because he claims that the mom didn't inform church officials of the allegations
" and lastly, because he claims that the process did not work. But it did work. The evidence of it working is that the review board recommended Fr McCormack's removal. What didn't work here is Cardinal George. He is the one who failed to act on the recommendation he received.

Cardinal George was irresponsible:
" because he erred on the side of one priest's reputation instead of on the safety of dozens of children, and
" because he did not follow his own flawed, weak policy.

Every day that Cardinal George does not come clean
" about the allegations the Archdiocese received from the nun 6 years ago,
" about the fact that the mom did report her son's allegations of being sexually abused by Fr. McCormack
" about the recommendations he received from his review board,
he compounds the harm he already caused.

Every day that Cardinal George does not use his website, newspaper and parish bulletins to encourage anyone with information to report it to police,
he compounds the mistakes he has made.

He didn't just make one mistake; he continually compounds the mistake as he refuses to do any real outreach.




Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests