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SNAP Press Statement

Statement Regarding NY Court Hearing on
Statute of Limitations


January 3, 2006

Statement by Barbara Blaine of Chicago (312 399 4747)
Founder and President of SNAP

We're grateful to these brave New York abuse victims who have found the strength and courage to expose their molesters in court. It's never easy to disclose childhood sexual abuse, nor to pursue justice against powerful molesters and their supporters. Someday, church officials will hopefully see these victims as heroes, for taking steps to protect other children and to purge the church of serial predators.

We hope that New York's highest court will recognize what other courts have slowly begun to recognize: that archaic, arbitrary statutes of limitations give sex offenders incentives to threaten victims, intimidate witnesses and destroy evidence. These statutes are a child molester's best friend, because they enable him to keep on hurting other kids. Only by extending and reforming these outdated laws will we be able to prevent future sex crimes against innocent children.

Because criminal statues of limitations are even more restrictive than civil statutes, often civil lawsuits are the only way victims have of warning unsuspecting parents about dangerous predators.

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