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The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

SNAP Press Statements

Statement Regarding
Milwaukee Archbisop Dolan

Statement by Patricia Marchant, co-leader, SNAP

September 10, 2003

"Everyone you see here today was sexually abused by a priest or religious.

We are here today for two reasons.

We are cheered by the good news in Boston yesterday that a comprehensive settlement has been reached with victims and their families. We continue to be greatly
disheartened, however, that no such agreement--although promised--is even being discussed in Milwaukee or anywhere else in Wisconsin.

Archbishop O'Malley of Boston has done more in less than one month than Archbishop Dolan has done in one entire year.

Archbishop Dolan, his first month in Milwaukee, promised many of the same things as Archbishop O'Malley. The difference is that Archbishop O'Malley has kept his word.


That is the second reason we are here. We are also here to expose the "myth of two States."

Next week, lawmakers in Madison will be hearing testimony urging them to reform State laws concerning clergy sexual abuse. Unlike Massachusetts, Wisconsin is alone in the nation in creating laws that directly protect pedophile clergy and their supervisors from
any accountability. There is no mandatory reporting law as in MA. No civil claims can be filed against religious organizations as in MA. No documents or depositions of clergy predators and church authorities can be taken to compel change as happened in MA this

If the State of Wisconsin switched with the State of Massachusetts, Cardinal Law would still be in leading the Church in Boston, predator priests would still be in parishes across the United States, thousands of victims would still be living in shame and silence,
and Catholics and the public would never have learned the truth.

Massachusetts, this year, has become one of the safest place for children from clergy sex offenders while Wisconsin continues to be the safest place for pedophile clergy in the nation.

Thank you."


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