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SNAP statement regarding New York Times
national survey of abuse cases


January 12, 2003

Statement by Bill Gately of Boston,
Co-coordinator of New England SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), and a mental health counselor

12 Dioceses Worse Than Boston

"Today's story confirms what we've long suspected and feared: that the Boston Archdiocese is no aberration. This data shows that at least 12 dioceses are worse than Boston, with a higher percentage of abusive priests.

The statistics clearly show that more molesters are reported and removed in states that have victim-sensitive laws, states in which crime victims can seek justice in the courts. In those jurisdictions, survivors are much more inclined and able to expose their abuser, get him removed, and protect other children.

These figures from The Times, while obviously somewhat understated, provide undisputed proof that abusive priests and complicit bishops are found across the country. The extent of the trauma caused by these men and their leaders is heart-breaking," said Gately.

We are troubled that only 11 of the more than 430 abusive priests who were removed year from ministry, have been defrocked.

It is striking that nearly half of all priests who have been reported as molesters victimize children under 12, and more than half have two or more victims.

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