SNAP responds to sentencing of Jewish predator in NY

We are proud of these brave victims for not allowing themselves to be intimidated into silence, and for doing everything they could to protect other children from this predator, Michael Sabo. It is absolutely despicable that members of the victims’ synagogue threatened to pack the courtroom to shame the young female victim. These people ought to be ashamed of themselves and their attempts to protect an abuser over his victims.

We are grateful to police and prosecutors for making sure that Sabo will be behind bars for a long time. We hope that the other victims in this case, the ones who were shamed or intimidated into silence, will find some measure of justice in this sentence.

This case is a sad and distressing reminder of the vast amount of child abuse cover-up that takes place within some tightly-knit Jewish communities. More must be done, especially in terms of outreach, to prevent the shaming of victims and their families and to protect other children from predators. We hope that as these cases are thrust further into the public eye that those who protest an innocent children will be forced to re-examine their priorities, and decide instead to work to protect kids.


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  • Steven Streets🎺
    commented 2012-05-22 10:27:20 -0500
    Thanks for posting this David. You would not believe how extreme i have been ostracized by some clergy and laity at Columbus St Joseph Cathedral since going public in protest with the abuse I suffered there. The silver lining is I’m now the last Irish-American living in Columbus historic St Patricks Parish. They told me I’m the only one living downtown when I joined the Parish on Assumption last August. They’ve all moved out to the suburbs.

    My Main Point commenting on this story is this;
    Everything Jesus suffered from the sociological dynamics of religion in his day, We Abuse Victims of Priests/Rabbis have suffered of our religions in our own generation. There is a powerful lesson there I’m certain G’d intentionally crafted into the Gospel Story to pass on for our benefit today. I’m grateful and proud of Ireland standing up manfully to the Mullahs in the Vatican theocracy.
    The Resurrection is about G’ds promised vindication of his “Victim’s of religion”. And so it is today. Amen.

    And Yet…My rapist say’s Mass in comfortable retirement at a suburban parish just shortly down the road from the only Pontifical Seminary in the Western Hemisphere, in this political supercharged capital city of Ohio. There is no practical separation of Diocese and Pontifical seminary.
    That’s why i am persona-non-grata at Cathedral Mass under promise of arrest for trespassing if i set foot in my old church of 33 years. I’m not ashamed to be thrown out of any church like Jesus own serial habit.
    Got 3 notches on my sandals. All Honorable. Glory To The Cross of G’ds Children.
  • David Clohessy
    published this page in Official SNAP Media Statements 2012-05-22 09:37:30 -0500

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