SNAP responds to revelations that church investigator had child porn

The fact that the man who was supposed to be investigating pedophilia was a pedophile himself is a sad and sordid reminder that the church hierarchy is the last place that those with knowledge of abuse should turn to for help. While the specifics of this particular case may be more egregious than most, the fact remains that all too often church officials care more about protecting the reputations of their priests and bishops than they do about protecting the safety of our children.

Similarly, the fact that the church is allegedly “reviewing their practices” after this incident has come to light is in no way a comfort. Time and time again, SNAP has argued that church policies are not going to protect children. It requires the investigation of outside, secular authorities and the vigilance of every individual to actually keep kids safe. We think that this story bolsters these claims and will hopefully embolden others in the community to step forward and fill the void of child protection that church officials are seemingly unwilling to fill.

We urge anyone who may have seen or suspected clergy abuse crimes to come forward, get help, and tell their story, but to secular and not church officials. We hope that the police continue to investigate these matters and uncover the crimes that these corrupt church officials continually attempt to hide and, ultimately, abet more abuse of children.

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