SNAP responds to arrest of pedophile teacher in LA

We are deeply disturbed at the level of depravity of Mark Berndt. Our hearts grieve for the torture suffered by the children that he abused and who may have looked up to him as a teacher before he betrayed their trust. We hope they are able to find healing and recovery.

We are especially concerned that he has been working at this Miramonte Elementary for 30 years. This level of sadism does not simply spring up one day, and so we wonder how many more children he may have tortured and abused during his tenure there. Given the fact that many of these children were from poor and impoverished backgrounds, and in some cases the children of illegal immigrants, it is likely that there are many more victims who were coerced or threatened into silence. We hope that they are able to find their voice and come forward to police to report their abuse. 

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