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The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

SNAP Press Release

Leaflet to Philadelphia parishoners

We know you are hurting,

But please help us protect kids

We are victims of sexual abuse by clerics (or their loved ones) who belong to a support group called SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( Our mission is to protect the vulnerable and heal the wounded.

We want to find and help anyone who may have been sexually violated, by your former pastor or others. And we want want to urge anyone who may have seen or suspected clergy sex crimes to call the police.

And we’ve gotten and posted on our website a highly unusual Philly archdiocesan document. It’s called the “Prohibition to Report” and it was “designed to prevent the Archdiocese from reporting priests’ crimes to law enforcement,” according to the recent Philadelphia grand jury report. We hope you’ll read it.

We want Rigali to personally visit parishes like this, and beg victims, witnesses and whistleblowers to speak up. We also want him to explain why, how and when his staff asked, forced or persuaded victims to sign this form. For the safety of kids, he should stop using it. He should publicly apologize for it and fire those responsible for it.

-- Ask friends and relatives if they have ever seen, suspected or suffered child sex abuse or any sexual misconduct by any current or former church employees (nuns, priests, bishops, seminarians, lay teachers). If so, urge them to get help from independent sources, like therapists, law enforcement, and support groups like ours.
-- Please show them this list of recently ousted and accused clerics: Msgr. John A. Close, Fr, Mark Fernandes, Msgr. J. Michael Flood, Fr. Joseph M. Glatts, Fr. Steven J. Harris, Fr. Daniel J. Hoy, Fr. Andrew McCormick, Fr. Peter Talocci, Fr. Phillip Barr, Fr. John Bowe, Fr. George Cadwallader, Fr. Paul Castellani, Fr. Michael Chapman, Msgr. Frances Feret, Fr. Mark Gaspar, Msgr. Joseph Logrip, Fr. Zachary Navit, Fr. Leonard Peterson, Fr. Robert Povish, Fr. John Reardon, Fr. Thomas J. Rooney
-- Go to and see the controversial form yourself. Tell others about it.
-- Go to and learn about the nearly 100 credibly accused Philly area predator priests:
-- Call or write your legislator. Urge him/her to reform Pennsylvania’s archaic, predator-friendly laws that prevent victims from exposing predators in court and essentially forces them to report clergy sex crimes to corrupt church officials (who then often work harder to conceal the crimes).

CONTACT - SNAP, PO Box 6416, Chicago, IL 60680-6416 (1-312-455-1499), David Clohessy, 314 566 9790, [email protected],

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests