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SNAP Press Release

Notorious fugitive predator priest dies

Clergy sex abuse victims seek others he hurt

Group will write names of 17 pedophiles on sidewalk

Each is a “proven, admitted or credibly accused” local cleric

SNAP blasts Sacramento bishop for “continued secrecy & inaction”

Prelate should “reach out” to others who might have been abused, group says

After writing the names of 16 Sacramento predator priests on the sidewalk with chalk, clergy sex abuse victims will hold signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference and
-- alert Sacramento Catholics and citizens to the death of a notorious fugitive predator priest, and
-- urge anyone who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes to call police, get help, expose predators, protect kids and start healing

They will also beg Sacramento’s bishop to
--help seek out anyone else he may have hurt here, and
--post on his website names of proven, admitted and credibly accused local child molesting clergy.

Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 1:00 p.m.

Outside the Sacramento Catholic diocese headquarters (“chancery”), 2011 Broadway, Sacramento, CA

2-4 individuals who were molested by clergy who belong to a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (

Earlier this month, the Hartford Courant reported that one of America’s most notorious child molesting clerics was found dead on the Caribbean Island of Martinique. He is Fr. Laurence F.X. “Larry” Brett, originally of the Bridgeport diocese. Until his death, Brett’s whereabouts for the last eight years had been unknown.

He was accused of molesting more than two dozen children in four states (CA, MD, CT & NM) and Mexico. In 1993, allegations of sexual misconduct arose against Brett in Sacramento and he was suspended from ministry

SNAP wants Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto to make announcements in parish bulletins, pulpits and websites (parishes and diocesan) about Brett, urging anyone who was hurt to come forward and get help. The group is also asking Soto to personally visit any places Brett worked, spreading the same message.

Often, SNAP says, when a child molester dies, more of his victims feel free to speak up, especially if invited or prodded to do so by authorities. SNAP wants Soto (and the two Caribbean bishops where Brett most recently lived) to use their considerable resources to do this, and to also urge others with knowledge of Brett’s crimes to contact law enforcement so that anyone who helped Brett might be prosecuted (deterring future similar crimes and deceit).,0,7791972.column?track=rss

During Brett’s years abroad, four individuals (two Connecticut Catholic priests and two Maryland Catholic lay people) kept in touch with Brett, despite his fugitive status. When this was publicly disclosed in 2002, the two priests were disciplined by their bishop. SNAP fears that perhaps current or former Sacramento church staff or members may have also hidden Brett’s whereabouts from law enforcement. The group wants Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto to initiate a formal investigation to see if any such wrongdoing has occurred here.

After leaving a New Mexico treatment center around 1965, Brett was sent to the Sacramento Diocese in 1965. SNAP isn’t sure where in the Sacramento area he worked.

Finally, SNAP wants Soto to do what 24 US bishops have done: for the sake of public safety, post on his archdiocesan websites the names and whereabouts of proven, admitted and credibly accused child molesting clerics.

According to a Boston-based independent research group called, there are 16 publicly accused Sacramento diocesan priests, nuns and seminarians.

(SNAP notes that the actual number of Sacramento area pedophile priests is likely much higher because lists only those clerics against whom allegations have been lodge in the public domain – in civil lawsuits, criminal prosecution or news accounts.)

In 2002, Baltimore became the first US diocese to disclose names. A good current example is the Philadelphia archdiocese: Here is a list of all the dioceses that have disclosed names:

Melanie Sakoda 925 708 6175, Tim Lennon 415 826 4852, David Clohessy 314 566 9790 cell ([email protected])

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