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Notorious CA/Irish predator priest sued for abusing 5 year old

New child sex suit filed against notorious pedophile priest

Alleged victim was only 5 years old at the time of the crimes

Defrocked & deported, predator was found recently at Dutch church

Two top California clerics have info that might help law enforcement, group says

SNAP to Catholic officials: "You can do nothing, or you can act now to protect kids"

A defrocked, convicted, and deported serial predator priest whose whereabouts are unknown is being sued again for molesting a young northern California boy years ago.

The new civil lawsuit charges that Fr. Oliver O’Grady repeatedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old boy in the early 1990s. The crimes reportedly took place in the rectory of Sacred Heart parish in Turlock, where O’Grady was assigned. He was babysitting the child at the time, according to the suit. It says that the defendants “had knowledge or notice of O'Grady's prior acts of unlawful sexual conduct with minors” but “failed to take reasonable steps to prevent future criminal sexual misconduct and molestation.”

The priest’s supervisors failed to “report O’Grady to law enforcement authorities, failed to notify police, prosecution, parishioners, and the laity” and “acted to suppress prevent parishioners from becoming aware of O’Grady’s criminal activities,” the suit contends.

O’Grady, who spent years in a northern California prison for molesting children, has received considerable media attention in recent years because he was interviewed for and is featured in a highly acclaimed documentary film on the Catholic sex abuse and cover up scandal. He has admitted molesting numerous kids in the Stockton Diocese and was deported to his native Ireland.

Last month, a newspaper reported that, in a separate instance, O'Grady forced a seven-year-old brother and an eight-year-old sister to perform sex acts on each other after he raped and sexually assaulted them in California” in the mid-1980s.

And in August, an Irish newspaper disclosed that O’Grady had left a Catholic church in the Netherlands and was believed to have fled to Dublin.

“Bishops pledge to protect kids and be open about abuse, but they pretend they have no duty once a child molesting cleric moves overseas,” said the victim’s attorney, Dr. Joseph George of Sacramento. “Given how prolific and dangerous O’Grady is, bishops should be doing everything possible to get him jailed, instead of passively sitting back, claiming no responsibility and taking no action.”

A support group called SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) has written letters to Stockton Catholic officials before, urging them to turn over to governmental authorities all information about O’Grady and prod other victims and witnesses of his crimes to come forward.

The group has also appealed to secular authorities to do more to protect children from O’Grady.

In 2006, when news accounts suggested O’Grady was headed to Canada, SNAP urged government authorities to block the former priest’s entry into that country and share information on him internationally so that kids are protected from him.

SNAP believes that because of O’Grady’s extensive crimes, he might face new criminal charges any time, especially if more victims or witnesses come forward now. That could happen, the group says, if Catholic officials use their websites, newspapers, and church bulletins to warn parishioners about O’Grady.

“Responsible adults try to stop criminals. Irresponsible adults ignore criminals,” said Barbara Dorris of St. Louis, the group’s outreach director. “And California’s Catholic bishops are ignoring this particularly egregious criminal by doing nothing while he continues to moved from country to country.”

SNAP also believes that Los Angeles’ Cardinal Roger Mahony and Stockton Bishop Stephen Blaire may have (or be able to get) information that could lead to prosecution or help authorities track O'Grady's travels so that local law enforcement agencies might be able to watch him or alert unsuspecting families to him.

From 1973 through 1993, O’Grady worked under three Stockton prelates: Bishop Merlin Guilfoyle (1969-79), Bishop Roger Mahony (1980-85) and Bishop Donald Montrose (1986-93).

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