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Clergy sex abuse victim files new lawsuit

More come forward about accused pedophile priest

He worked in California, Michigan, and New Mexico

Arrested in Bay Area, he now faces extradition to Ireland

Support group urges others who ‘saw, suspected or suffered’ crimes to come forward

Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, a clergy sex abuse victim will
---disclose and discuss a new clergy sex abuse and cover up lawsuit against the Santa Rosa Catholic diocese,
---urge the public & parishioners to ask their loved ones if they were hurt by a recently-arrested priest, &
---harshly criticize Santa Rosa’s bishop for urging victims to call church officials instead of law enforcement officials.

Thursday, August 19, 1:00 p.m. (Pacific time)

Outside the St. Eugene Cathedral, 2323 Montgomery Drive in Santa Rosa CA

A Bay area man who was molested as a child by a cleric and is a leader in a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (

A California man is filing a new civil lawsuit against the Santa Rosa diocese and an Irish priest who faces extradition because of other child sex allegations against him. The suit, filed today in Sonoma County District Court, charges that Fr. Patrick Joseph McCabe repeatedly molested a then nine year old boy at St. Bernard’s parish in Eureka in1984-85.

For at least three years, McCabe worked at churches in Eureka and Guerneville. He is now in jail in Alameda County, facing extradition to Ireland to face charges of sexually assaulting six boys in Dublin between 1973 and 1981.

According to the Times Standard, “McCabe was reportedly a known pedophile before arriving in Eureka” and “even attended a ‘renewal program’ in New Mexico for priests and having been placed on the drug Depo-Provera, which was believed to help control the urges of sexual deviants, after allegations arose in Dublin.”

SNAP applauds this brave victim for coming forward and taking action to protect others. Every time a child sex abuse victim speaks up, SNAP believes, the vulnerable are better protected and the wounded become more healed. The group hopes his courage will inspire others who have been hurt by McCabe or any member of the clergy to come forward.

SNAP urges anyone who has seen or suspected misdeeds or crimes by McCabe (or other clerics) to contact local law enforcement. SNAP is also harshly criticizing Catholic officials – here, elsewhere in the US, and in Ireland - for keeping quiet about the McCabe.

SNAP is also strongly urging anyone who saw, suspected or suffered abuse by McCabe, or other clergy, to come forward, get help and call the police. The group is angry that Santa Rosa Bishop Daniel Walsh and other bishops continue to prod victims to report to church officials instead of law enforcement officials.

An Irish government investigation (called the 2009 Murphy Report) found that McCabe allegedly sexually abused 21 children In Ireland from 1973 to 1981 and again in the 1980's in Dublin.

McCabe worked at parishes in Michigan and Ireland. He is now 74.

According to the Press Democrat, Walsh “declined to comment (last) Thursday on the case.” Since 2002, Walsh and his fellow bishops have repeatedly pledged to be “open” about clergy sex cases.

According to the Times-Standard, “Monsignor Gerard Brady, who was in charge of St. Bernard's Parish from July 1979 through September 1984, said he was never told of the allegations in McCabe's past before the priest arrived in Eureka in 1983.”

In 2006, Walsh came under fire from SNAP and some local Catholics for letting a serial predator priest named Fr. Xavier Ochoa to flee to Mexico, by keeping quiet for days after Ochoa admitted his crimes. At least five other church officials knew of allegations against Ochoa but likewise stayed silent, which gave the priest the chance to flee to his native Mexico where he remains today.

The victim is represented by Sacremento attorney Joseph C. George, PhD, who has handled hundreds of child sex abuse cases by clergy, therapists and others in positions of power over and access to kids (916 442 7100, 916 802 7949 cell).

Joey Piscitelli 925 262 3699, David Clohessy (314-566-9790 cell), [email protected]

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