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SNAP Press Release

Ex-MA priest abused again, this time in Africa

New AP story shows Catholic group moves abusers elsewhere

SNAP to release, for 1st time, name of a new MA abusive cleric

Local victim calls for church investigation of small religious order

Western Mass man responds to latest disclosure about his abuser

He urges Springfield bishop to prod Vatican for “prompt action”

At a sidewalk news conference, a clergy sex abuse victim will publicly
-- urge the Vatican to investigate an Italian-based religious order that shuffled serial child molesters around the globe (including Massachusetts) where many were abused,
-- beg a Massachusetts Catholic bishop to use his influence and help prod Rome to act,
-- reveal the name of another child molesting Catholic cleric who has never been “outed” before, and
-- ask others who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes to come forward, call police, expose predators, protect kids and start healing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2 p.m.

Outside the Springfield Catholic Diocese HQ (chancery), 65 Elliot Street in Springfield MA

Two-three members of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests including a western MA man whose predator has worked here in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Sierra Leone, and Italy. Additionally, several local members of Voice of the Faithful

Today, SNAP is revealing, for the first time ever, the name of another child molesting Catholic cleric against whom quiet settlements were made by church officials.

And on Sunday, a disturbing new Associated Press report revealed that another Catholic cleric who abused in Massachusetts was sent to Africa where he molested other kids in one of the poorest countries of the world.

The first man, Brother Eugene Cumerlato, abused two kids in Holliston, MA in the 1970s and church officials recently paid settlements to them. The second man, Fr. James Tully, also abused boys in Massachusetts in 1975. Four years later, he was transferred to Sierra Leone where, the AP just discovered and reported, he continued to abuse more children.

Both, along with a third priest named below, belong to a religious order known as the Xaverian Missionary Fathers.

In 1985, Tully was sent to a seminary in Milwaukee, WI, where he abused Bill Nash a year later. In 1992, Tully was convicted for molesting three Wisconsin boys. After completing his sentence in 1994, Tully was sent to Sierra Leone, then back to the US, then to the Vatican, and then to Vincenzia, Italy. In 2008, Nash first spoke publicly of his abuse by Tully. Since then, three more Massachusetts victims of Tully have come forward.

A few weeks ago, the Associated Press revealed that another Xaverian priest, Father Mario Pezzotti, raped boys in Massachusetts and was then transferred overseas (this time, to Brazil). Church officials promised one US victim to keep Pezzotti away from kids, but a church newsletter showed new photos of Pezzotti with partially naked Brazilian children.

Nash is demanding that the Vatican to launch an investigation (called an “apostolic visitation”) the Xaverians worldwide (like Pope Benedict did with another controversial order, the Legion of Christ). He is also asking Bishop Timothy McDonnell to use his influence in Rome to get the Vatican to act, in part because the Xaverians still operate in Massachusetts.

The Xaverians’ US headquarters is in Wayne NJ and its international headquarters is in Parma, Italy. Tully lives near Wayne NJ. Pezzotti is believed to be living in Parma, Italy. Cumerlato is now deceased. His victims are represented by Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian. Nash now lives in Ashfield, MA.

Bill Nash, SNAP spokesperson, 413-219-4312 [email protected]
David Clohessy, Executive Director 314-566- 9790 [email protected]
Barbara Blaine, SNAP President 312-399 4747 [email protected]

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