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SNAP Fact Sheet on Bridgeport Diocese predator priests

February 3, 2010

Predator priests who worked in Bridgeport diocese and in other dioceses too

Fr. Walter Coleman worked as a priest in the Archdiocese of Miami. He has since retired, and his whereabouts are unknown.,0,5650433.story

Fr. Charles Stubbs was last known to be living in upstate New York (near Elmira) in 2006, at the vacation house of Sacred Heart University president Anthony Cernera.

Fr. Joseph DeShan worked as an elementary school teacher in Cinnaminson NJ. His whereabouts are unknown.

Fr. Raymond Pcolka had a summer cottage in New Hampshire, where some of the abuse took place. He recently passed away.

Fr. Lawrence Brett worked as a priest in Sacramento CA and New Mexico and as a teacher at a Catholic high school in Baltimore MD. His whereabouts are unknown.

work history:

(NOTE - It takes only seconds for a child molester to shove his or her hand into a child's pants. So the length of time any of these priests spent in any of these dioceses isn't terribly relevant. Nor is whether they were in Bridgeport before or after these other dioceses, though we believe in each case, the predators worked and abused first in Bridgeport. Nor are the conditions of their moves particularly relevant.

Church officials usually recruit, educate, ordain, hire, transfer and shield predators, and thus have a duty to help protect other kids from them and an obligation to tell the public and parishioners about them, regardless of whether they were involuntarily sent or voluntarily moved to other communities. )

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Despite the word 'priest' in our title, we welcome and help men and women who were victimized by any religious authority figure of any denomination.

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Archbishop John Clement Favalora, Archdiocese of Miami, (305) 757-6241, (954) 525-5157, [email protected], Communications Director- [email protected]

Bishop Matthew H. Clark, Diocese of Rochester, (585) 328-3210, [email protected], secretary- [email protected]

Bishop Jaime Soto, Diocese of Sacramento, 916.733.0100 , [email protected]

Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, 505. 831.8100, [email protected]

Archbishop Edwin Frederick O’Brien, Archdiocese of Baltimore, 410-547-5437, [email protected]

Bishop John M. Smith, Diocese of Trenton, 609-406-7400, [email protected]

Bishop John Brendan McCormack, Diocese of Manchester, 603-669-3100 , [email protected]

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