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SNAP Press Release

Victim of pedophile priest about “the Candy Man”

That’s the nickname of clergyman who molested boys

Man will hand out leaflets to Catholics as they leave mass

He hopes to find & help others “suffering in silence and shame”

On Thursday, at news conference, victim spoke publicly for first time

Catholic officials have admitted his allegations “credible” but won’t act

Religious order, claiming poverty, offered man $2,000; he may file civil lawsuit

Self help organization wants principal to “reach out” to others who may have been hurt

As parishioners leave mass, a clergy sex abuse victim will hand out leaflets to adults about the predator priest who molested him. The fliers urge Catholics to
-- ask friends & family if they were hurt by this cleric,
-- come forward and get help if they were injured, and
-- call church staffers to task for failing to disclose credible abuse allegations against the predator.

NOTE: On Thursday, for the first time, this man publicly disclosed and discussed the child molestation he suffered at the hands of the priest, Fr. Robert Gaghan –

Saturday, January 9 from 5:10 pm (as churchgoers leave mass)

Outside St. Gabriel Catholic Church, 2917 Dickinson Street in Philadelphia, PA

A Florida man, John Katubi, who was abused by the priest, his California attorney, and two child sex abuse victims who belong to a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (

Last year, Katubi reported to Catholic officials that he was molested as a 10 year old by Fr. Robert W. Gaghan in the late 1950s. Gaghan’s supervisors, the Norbertines, have admitted to Katubi and his lawyer that his charges are credible, but claim poverty and have offered Katubi only $2,000. Katubi may file a civil suit.

Gaghan was the victim's uncle, pastor and teacher. Gaghan abused both of Katubi’s brothers too.

Gaghan, who died in 1989, was known as the "Candy Man” because he gave candy to kids who came to mass on Sunday at St. Gabriel (and possibly St. Edmonds parish as well). Gaghan taught at Southeast Catholic - Bishop Neumann - Saint John Neumann High School from the 1950s through the 1980s. An alumni publication indicates that Gaghan was principal of Bishop Neumann (then called Southeast Catholic) in 1981.

The Norbertines have refused to turn over their ‘investigation report’ to Katubi despite numerous requests. In news accounts earlier this week, however, the religious order admitted Katubi’s allegations are credible.

Some of the crimes occurred at a vacation home on the New Jersey shore near Atlantic City.

Katubi, now 64, is a Philadelphia native. He’s now divorced and works as a charter boat captain in Key West FL. He is represented by attorney Michele M. Betti of San Diego CA and New York NY (760 500 5451, [email protected]).

According to the Official Catholic Directory, Gaghan also worked at St. Richard’s parish (18th & Pollack Sts.), Sacred Heart Church in Manoa, St. Gabriel’s parish (29th & Dickinson Sts.) and at St. Norbert Priory in Paoli.

The Norbertines operate Daylesford Abbey in Paoli PA. They are represented by Philadelphia attorney Michael D. O’Mara (215 564 8121).

(Note: mass starts at 4:30 pm)

John Katubi 305 896 8269, David Clohessy 314 566 9790 cell, Barbara Dorris 314 503 0003 cell

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