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Pastor denied parole in child sex abuse case

Church board sends "callous" letter to victim offering him a $7 CD

Group says Baptist officials should ‘aggressively’ seek out & help others hurt by predator

Anyone who “saw, suspected or suffered abuse should come forward & call police, ” SNAP says

At a news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will
-- applaud corrections officials for denying parole to an admitted predator &
-- provide copies of a letter from Baptist officials denying help to the predator’s victim.

The group will also publicly urge the church board to
-- let the victim to address the whole church congregation and
-- aggressively reach out to and help others hurt by the predator.

They will also prod others who saw, suspected or suffered harm by the cleric to come forward, get help and call police.

Wednesday, August 19, at 1:00 PM

WHERE In front of Mt Hope Church, 3653 Brooke Rd, Stafford, VA

The victim, two other clergy sex abuse victims, including a woman from Burke who heads the Virginia chapter of a national support group called SNAP and a man from Alexandria, who is a national leader of Voice of the Faithful (VOTF)

In September of last year, Reverend George Lowe, former pastor of Mount Hope Baptist church in Stafford, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for each of two counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor. Half of the sentence for each conviction was suspended leaving Lowe with a sentence of 5 years in prison with 10 years of probation.

Last Friday, the victim, Ben Marsh, was notified that Lowe was denied bail by the Virginia Parole Board (804) 674-3081.

Marsh has been trying to get help from the church for his physical, mental and spiritual well being. In January, 2009 he met with the church board and explained his needs. In July, 2009 the board wrote to Marsh denying him any real help and offering him a $7 CD for his “spiritual well being.” Further, they asked that he not talk to anyone in the congregation about his case.

Marsh has also asked for a chance to speak before the full congregation. He has been rebuffed.

SNAP strongly encourages anyone who has seen, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes, by George Lowe, or any other member of the clergy, to contact police officials.

Becky Ianni, Director of SNAP Virginia 703-801-6044, Bill Casey , VOTF Chairman of the Board of Trustees 703-568-3438, Barbara Dorris, Outreach Director 314-862-7688 David Clohessy, National Director 314-566-9790

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests