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Three groups urge judge to keep serial predator jailed

Three groups urge judge to keep serial predator jailed

They doubt his sisters can keep kids safe from notorious priest

He's admitted molesting at least 30 children and wants to walk free again

A decision may come tomorrow on whether an admitted Chicagoland serial predator priest will be freed and three groups want a judge to keep him locked up.

Leaders of SNAP, Voice of the Faithful and the Coaltion of Concerned Catholics want Fr. Fred Lenczycki to remain in state custody, rather than be allowed to go live with family.

The groups are urging DuPage Judge Bonnie Wheaton to keep the admitted child molesting cleric in a Rushville facility, so kids will be safer.

Lenczycki has been declared a sexually violent person after having acknowledged that he sexually victimized at least 30 boys. He was convicted in 2004 for abusing three Hinsdale boys and is also accused of molesting children in California.

This week, Wheaton has heard evidence about whether Lenczycki should be freed to live with his family. The three organizations believe this would be reckless and doubt his relatives could or would effectively monitor and supervise him. Wheaton may make her decision Thursday.

According to the Illinois Attorney General's office, Lenczycki, is the first person in United States to have served as a priest and be declared a sexually violent person.

"Kids are safest when pedophiles are jailed. This is especially true of shrewd, charismatic and well-educated pedophiles, like those who are priests," said Barbara Blaine of SNAP.

"We're especially upset at the notion that Lenczycki wants to live with family members," said Tony Jannotta of the Coalition of Concerned Catholics. "Loved ones may be perhaps the least likely to monitor the movements and activities of a child molester."

"We hope that anyone who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes - by Lenczycki or other clerics - will be inspired by this legal process, and find the courage to step forward, get help, call police, protect kids and start healing," said Sandy Stilling Seehausen of Voice of the Faithful.

A few members of the groups plan to hold a small noontime vigil outside the court and attend the hearing.

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