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August 5, 2004

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Sex Abuse Victims Glad That Baltimore School Stops Honoring Accused Brother

After Complaints, Clerics Image Will Be Removed From Calvert Hall

A local Catholic high school will no longer honor a cleric who has been allegedly sexually abusing students.

In a recent letter to a molestation victim, a Calvert Hall College High School official said the school will change the name of a golf tournament and an educational program named after Brother Xavier Langon, who is now deceased but was accused of fondling/raping/sodomizing at least two teenaged boys in 1948 and 68. They will also remove Langon’s portrait from the hallway wall.

Two weeks ago, clergy molestation victims who belong to SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) held a sidewalk news conference outside the school and hand delivered a letter to the principal urging him to take these steps. They were joined by leaders of a Catholic lay group, Voice of the Faithful (VOTF). Several individual victims and alums had, for months, made the same requests in private e mails and phone conversations with school officials.

“It’s sad that we had to publicly pressure a Catholic school to take this simple step toward justice and healing” said Helen Weisel, Greater Baltimore VOTF.

“This will help facilitate healing and protect children,” said Francis Bacon of GBSNAP and ACHE, (Abused by Calvert Hall Educators). “It’s a long overdue courtesy that we shouldn’t have even had to ask for.”

Honoring a suspected abuser, SNAP feels, rubs salt into the already deep wounds of Langon’s victims and discourages other victims from coming forward. SNAP wants school leaders to promise no future insensitivity in the future.

SNAP also publicly urged Calvert Hall to:

- write former students and staff urging them to call the cops if they were molested,

- allow men who were abused at the school to speak with the student body, and

- post names of known and suspected abusive ex-employees on the school’s web site.

“We hope the board and administration will soon agree to these reasonable requests too,” said Kurt Gladsky, GBSNAP and ACHE. “We’re a little disappointed we haven’t yet heard back from them on these items.”

The group believes that these steps will help victims heal and prevent future abuse.

At least one other credibly accused molester - Fr. Laurence Brett - worked at the school. To protect children, SNAP wants school officials to aggressively seek out (through letters to alums, school publications and web sites, etc.) others who may have witnessed, suspected or experienced abuse by school staff. They should be urged, SNAP feels, to contact law enforcement, especially since Brett remains a fugitive (most recently living in the Caribbean).


Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests