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Sex Abuse Victims Seek Discipline of Chicago Pastor

SNAP Members Upset Because Perpetrator Teaches Sex Ed

Group asks Cardinal George For Public Apology

JANUARY 22, 2004 - Leaders of a support group for clergy sex abuse victims are demanding a public apology from Cardinal Francis George and the removal of a popular pastor who invited a suspended abusive priest to teach sex education and religion to children.

In an interview last night with WMAQ's Mary Ann Ahern, Father Robert Miller, pastor of Holy Angels parish, admitted he invited a controversial, twice-accused priest to work at the parish school. "This dangerous move violates every promise Bishops made to keep known or suspected child molesting clergy away from kids," said Don Robinson of Chicago, a local SNAP leader.

Miller allowed Father John Calicott to teach youngsters despite Calicott's removal from ministry by two Cardinals: Cardinal Joseph Bernadin and Cardinal Francis George.

"There is no exception in the so-called zero tolerance policy for abusive priests who happen to be popular", Robinson said. It is just dangerous to have Calicott around children. Cardinal George should publicly condemn this betrayal, apologize to Chicago-area Catholics and also remove Father Robert Miller as pastor.

Robinson pointed out that now, more than ever, it is crucial that anyone who experienced, witnessed or suspected abuse by Calicott to report it immediately to police. Clearly the current monitoring system established by the Archdiocese is not working.

Contact information:
Don Robinson (Local Chicago SNAP Leader) 847 219 6158
Barbara Blaine (President of SNAP) 312 399 4747
David Clohessy (National Director of SNAP) 314 566 9790

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