SNAP praises brave nun & courageous child sex abuse victim in KC

It takes real courage for anyone to stand on a bishop’s doorstep and criticize him. That’s especially true if you are a Catholic nun. It takes real compassion to openly challenge your ‘superiors’ and publicly side with suffering victims and vulnerable kids. That’s especially true if you are a Catholic nun and you’re in a diocese headed by a particularly callous, reckless and deceitful bishop.

This shouldn’t take courage, but it does. And today, we commend Sr. Jean for her bravery and her caring.

Few are as credible as she is about how the KC diocese has gone backwards in the handling of clergy sex crimes and cover ups, especially since she worked as a Victims Assistance Coordinator for the diocese. It will be hard for Finn, his expensive lawyers and his shrewd public relations team to try and discredit her.

We hope Sr. Jean’s compassion and courage today will inspire others church employees – current and former – to get on the right side of history and share what they know about suspected clergy misdeeds with police, prosecutors, our group and others outside the Catholic hierarchy, so kids might be protected, victims might be healed, and the truth might be revealed.

It also takes real courage for anyone to report child sex crimes, particularly when the accused is a cunning and powerful clergyman. So we also commend today the brave man who has found the strength to disclose how severely he was hurt as a child by Fr. Michael Tierney. We believe and hope that his responsible step today will bring him healing and better protect others.

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