SNAP Outreach Flyer in Kansas

Help us protect the vulnerable and heal the wounded


We are members of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( Our mission is to help safeguard kids, heal victims, expose the truth and deter the cover ups (in all churches, schools and other institutions).


We are protecting the vulnerable by launching a grassroots outreach drive warning parents, parishioners, police, prosecutors and the public about proven, admitted and credibly accused predator priests and clerics who live/lived or work/worked in eastern Kansas.

We’re also urging everyone who saw, suspected or suffered abuse or cover ups to call local police or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which is looking into this horrific wrongdoing.


--Contact the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and report anything you may know or suspect about clergy sex cries and cover ups: 1-800-872-7463, [email protected]). Also urge them to issue a preliminary report on their progresss so far.

--Call your state senator and representative. Urge them to set aside added funding so that the KBI can do the most thorough investigation possible.

--Contact lawmakers and urge them to repeal or reform Kansas’ predator-friendly statute of limitations (especially civil) so victims can protect kids by exposing predators in court.

--These are credibly accused abusers who are NOT on the KC KS archdiocesan list: Fr. Gilbert Stack, Fr. Gregory Beyer, Fr. Benignus Scarry, Fr. Placidus Kieffer, Fr. Thomas S. McShane, Fr. Philip D. Kraus, Fr. Eugene A. Maio, Fr. John C. (Fidelis) Forrester, Fr. Francis W. Callan, Fr. John A. Coughlin, Fr. Roger A. Sinclair, Fr. Anthony D. Palmese, Fr. Norman Rogge, Fr. Francis X. Nawn, Fr. Richard J. Paulson and Fr. Patrick J. Conway. Please ask everyone you know “Did any of these clerics hurt you?” If they say ‘yes,’ beg them to get help from independent sources like police, prosecutors, therapists and support groups like ours.

--Do the same with the clerics who ARE on the archdiocesan ‘accused’ list. See (click on map of the US, then on Kansas) and

--Do the same with clerics who are accused of sexually assaulting or exploiting vulnerable adults (like Fr. Anthony Kiplagat, Fr. George Seuferling and Fr. Paul Hosler, who lived/worked in Kansas City, Topeka, Frankfurt, Blue Rapids, Waterfall, Valley Falls, Lawrence, Overland Park and Manhattan).

--Contact Archbishop Naumann (913 721 1570, [email protected]) and urge him to add these missing names to his list, and include the photos, whereabouts and full work histories of ALL reported offender clerics.

--Finally, donate to groups that fight and expose child sex crimes and cover ups, not to institutions that perpetuate this horror. Your contributions can bring change!


David Clohessy 314 566 9790, [email protected], Zach Hiner 517 974 9009, [email protected]


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