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Letter to Bishop Joseph Delaney
Diocese of Ft. Worth, TX



June 30, 2004

Most Reverend Joseph P. Delaney
Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth
The Catholic Center
800 West Loop 820 South
Fort Worth TX 76108

Dear Bishop Delaney:

We in the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) are deeply troubled that a priest removed from ministry in Pennsylvania was found working in your diocese this week. We are asking you to act immediately to discipline Father Allan Hawkins at St. Mary the Virgin parish.

Hawkins is openly defying both your directives as well as the national rules on abusive priests. We believe that you must decide who runs your diocese. When it comes to the sexual abuse of kids, you either have a "zero tolerance" policy or a "turn a blind eye" policy. You must choose.

You are well aware of the devastating consequences abuse of a child has and the fact that most perpetrators re-offend. Hawkins placed innocent children in his parish at risk by allowing Father Clay to work there. The problem is with Hawkins who failed to follow proper protocol. Hawkins should now be disciplined.

As bishop we believe it is imperative that you send a clear signal: "Hiding or enabling a child molester will not be tolerated in the Fort Worth Diocese."

Lastly, we also ask that you publicly encourage any current or former parishioners or employees who have either experienced, witnessed or suspected abuse by priests to contact law enforcement.

We strongly urge you to live up to the commitments you made in June of 2002 and discipline Father Hawkins. Only in this way can your actions equal your words on upholding the mandate of the Dallas Charter and truly exhibit your desire to protect children today and into the future.


Barbara Blaine
President, SNAP

David Clohessy
National Director, SNAP

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests