SNAP Leader Steve Rabi Dies

DC_blog.jpgToday I received sad news; SNAP has lost a very good friend. After a long battle with kidney and liver problems, Steve Rabi of Albuquerque, NM passed away. Steve had been a SNAP leader for about a decade.

Steve spent countless hours working to recover from his own abuse, reaching out to others in pain, consoling and guiding them, exposing wrongdoing in the church, reforming predator-friendly laws, and prodding church officials to act responsibly. And he hung in there, despite long odds and slow progress, year after year after year. We in SNAP are very grateful to him for his leadership. Hundreds of once alone, hurting and confused victims found some degree of solace and support because he worked so hard, gave so much, and refused to give up.

A tiny percentage of those who were sexually violated (especially by clerics) manage to find the strength and courage to speak up, take action, help others, and put their names, emails and phone numbers out in the public as a lifeline for others in pain. Steve was part of a small, brave and effective group of survivor advocates. I know his family and loved ones are very proud of all that he achieved on behalf of vulnerable kids and suffering adults.

He was a compassionate, selfless and persistent man, and a real asset to our movement for justice, healing and prevention. It was a joy to know him.

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