SNAP FACT SHEET: Catholic wrongdoers are praised, not punished

Name of wrongdoer: now retired Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia

What he's accused of: Prosecutors say he concealed dozens of cases of clergy abuse and kept dozens of predators in parishes just a few years ago.

How's he's being honored: He is a featured speaker at the Catholic Men Servant Leaders annual conference in Lexington, Kentucky. Even after harsh grand jury reports blasting him and his colleagues, Pope Benedict sent Rigali to eastern Europe to represent the Vatican and church events.

Where he is now: Retired and living in Knoxville Tennessee


Name of wrongdoer: now retired Cardinal Edward Egan of New York City

What he's accused of: Egan has been accused of refusing to remove priests accused of sexual abuse when he was bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport from 1988 to 2000.

How's he's being honored: He was recently invited to celebrate mass at the Pueri Cantores Children’s Choir Festival, held at St. Ignatius of Loyola Roman Catholic Church in Manhattan.

Where he is now: Retired


Name of wrongdoer: Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles

What he's accused of: Roughly 23,000 pages maintained by the archdiocese and various religious orders regarding sex abuse were ordered to be made public. The documents, which he fought in court for years, reveal that his concerns were more about the scandal that would derail the church and his agenda rather than the protection of children.

How's he's being honored: He appeared publicly with and met privately with Pope Francis in Rome in January. He also spoke at a recent Religious Education Congress in California.

Where he is now: Retired in California.


Name of wrongdoer: Monsignor Jerome Schmit in Toledo, Ohio

What he's accused of: Interrupted a 1980 police interrogation of Fr. Gerald Robinson for murder of a nun.

How's he's being honored: Msgr. Schmit CYO Athletic Complex and honorary street sign near the Mud Hens’ downtown ballpark naming it “Monsignor Jerome Schmit Way.”

Where he is now: Deceased


Name of wrongdoer: Bishop Anthony O'Connell of Knoxville, Tennessee & later Palm Beach, Florida.

What he's accused of: He's an admitted child molester

How's he's being honored: A building in Knoxville is/was named after him.

Where he is now: Deceased


Name of wrongdoer: Msgr. Jerome Schmidt

What he's accused of: interrupted police interview with Fr Gerald Robinson in regard to murder of nun in Toledo.

How's he's being honored: Toledo street named after him

Where he is now: deceased


Name of wrongdoer: Msgr. Robert A Brown

What he's accused of: Sexual abusing a boy in Woodsfield, Ohio

How's he's being honored: A building is named after him: The Brown Center, Woodsfield, Ohio near St Sylvester's school and church

Where he is now: deceased 1991


Name of wrongdoer: Cardinal Bernard Law

What he's accused of: covered up sexual abuse committed by priests in Boston Archdiocese

How's he's being honored: Archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome in 2004

Where he is now: Rome


Name of wrongdoer:   Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese in Missouri

What he's accused of: He was criminally convicted for refusing to report suspected child abuse.

How's he's being honored: Still running the KC-St Joe Diocese in good standing



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