SNAP exposes five more publicly accused predators

SNAP exposes five more publicly accused predators

Nearly 100 alleged predators are now publicly known here

Many abused elsewhere but are or were in StLouis area to0

In last 6 months, 37 accused child molesting clerics are ‘outed’ here

Still, archbishop won’t disclose more than 50 others who are accused

Local Catholic victims will also discuss upcoming Vatican abuse summit


Holding five signs listing 100 accused clericsa at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will

  • reveal the identities of five accused priests who are/were in StLouis but have escaped virtually all scrutiny or attention here, and
  • challenge local Catholic officials to disclose the names of ALL alleged predator priests,
  • prod Missouri’s attorney general to work harder to bring victims, witnesses and whistleblowers forward for his statewide probe into clergy sex crimes and cover ups.


Thursday, February 21 at 1:00 p.m.


On the sidewalk outside the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis (“new” cathdral), 4431 Lindell Blvd, (between Taylor & Newstead) in the Central West End in StLouis


More than half of the bishops in the US (and half of Missouri’s four bishops) have posted on their websites the names of ‘credibly accused’ child molesting clerics. StLouis Archbishop Robert Carlson, however, has not. He claims he “is now working with the attorney general on the review process” and “the list is being screened by a former FBI agent to ensure its accuracy,” according to an archdiocesan spokesman.

“For the safety of kids, the healing of victims and the welfare of the church,” SNAP wants Carlson to “immediately reveal and permanently and prominently post” accused church staff’s names, photos, whereabouts and work histories them on church websites.”

“Every day even one potentially dangerous person’s name is kept hidden, kids are at risk,” SNAP contends.

In the mean time, SNAP has found five more proven, admitted or publicly accused child molesting clerics who hurt kids elsewhere but also spent time in the StLouis area but have attracted virtually no attention here.

One is a registered sex offender, one was a military chaplain, another was fired from a hospital, and another reportedly raped and sodomized a boy for hours. Three were deemed “credibly accused” by their own church supervisors.

Their identities, and details about them, will be provided at the news conference.

Last month, Jesuits released names of credibly accused child molesting clerics. According to the Post Dispatch, 17 of them had ties to StLouis:Michael O. Barry, John "Jack" Campbell, Francis X. Cleary, James A. Condon, Chester E. Gaiter, John W. Hough, Francis J. Kegel, Dennis P. Kirchoff, Philip D. Kraus, Gerhardt B. Lehmkuhl, Eugene A. Maio, James L. McShane, Patrick H. O'Liddy, Paul C. Pilgram, George M. Pieper, Anthony J. Short and Richard H. Witzofsky.

In November, SNAP “outed” seven other clerics who molested elsewhere but also spent time in this area: Fr. Anthony Slane, Br. John Moriarty, Br. John Rodrigues Moniz, Fr. Mario Cimmarrusti, Fr. Jerold W.  Lindner, Fr. James Glenn Murray, Fr. John Harrington, and Fr. Thomas J. Naughton. (The latter four were at StLouis University.)

In September, SNAP also “outed” nine publicly accused Pennsylvania predator priests who also spent time in the StLouis area: Fr. Joseph D. Hulko, Fr. Samuel B. Slocum, Fr. James R. Adams, Fr. Charles J. Chatt, Fr. Edward G. Huff, Fr. John William Wellinger, Fr. Robert J. Gibson, Fr. William Presley and Fr. James L. Armstrong.

An independent, on-line archive of information about the church’s abuse and cover up crisis,, lists 58 publicly accused priests, seminarians and nuns of the StLouis archdiocese who reportedly molested children.

And five years ago, a 400 page court filing, “revealed that 115 (archdiocesan) employees have been accused of abuse over the last three decades by 234 complaintants.” The names of those alleged predators remain hidden.


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